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    Cruelest, Part 2

    April 19.  Why am I so fucking obsessively documenting all this. I’m sure it’s fucking boring for you. It’s not entirely helpful to me. Or maybe it is in ways I don’t…

  • IMG_2796

    cruelest, part 1.

    The next thrilling installment of The Cancer Diaries. It’s rough. _____________ Things got awful in April pretty much immediately. April 1. I begin to have suspicions about…

  • IMGP5837


    And everything was better. This is the sixth installment of The Cancer Diaries. Read from the start, if you’re so inclined. I like writing these monthlyish journals. I…

  • IMG_1806

    The agony / the ecstasy // February

    This is part five of The Cancer Diaries. February. It’s the coldest February in one hundred years in my town. They keep records up on the mountain. I haven’t had an…

    some tips

    SOME TIPS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS (& others) TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE IN THE HOSPITAL // or similar situations Keep three big totebags in your car at…


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