living underground in the real world

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    July 1. Driving thought #1: I am capable but not particularly tough. My mother is tough but not particularly capable. Driving thought #2: Everyone is suffering and that’s…

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    There Is A June When Corn Is Cut

    June 5. Not working takes practice. Even on vacation. And I’m not on vacation. The world of work is known and comforting: make a list, cross the things off it. The things are…

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    Will You Go To Bat For The Air Man

    (This awful series begins here.) May 3 I was thinking about my mom dying so I missed the turn I was thinking about my mom dying so I didn’t do that errand I was thinking…

    some tips

    SOME TIPS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS (& others) TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE IN THE HOSPITAL // or similar situations Keep three big totebags in your car at…


    Cruelest, Part 2

    April 19.  Why am I so fucking obsessively documenting all this. I’m sure it’s fucking boring for you. It’s not entirely helpful to me. Or maybe…


    cruelest, part 1.

    The next thrilling installment of The Cancer Diaries. It’s rough. _____________ Things got awful in April pretty much immediately. April 1. I begin to have suspicions about my…


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