living underground in the real world

official letter of intent

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to tell more to the world than you can in your ongoing salon series; phone calls to long-distance friends; long walks to let off steam with close friends; thrice daily phone calls to your lover; twice weekly phone calls to your mother; biweekly hanging out at your friends’ restaurant 2 states away; monthly political meetings; constant emails to friends and enemies, colleagues and competitors; personal website for letting off steam, professional website, and, of course, your cats – it’s time to start a blog.


Because the word “blog” is so hideous, I told myself I would never start one. But in truth I very much like the blog format. It’s rather tidy, isn’t it? As am I.

I find it abhorrent when I stumble across a personal blog where someone talks about, say, going grocery shopping (not in the context of, say, a long essay detailing the precise ways in which the supermarket makes them want to fucking vomit, but more in the context of “…and then I went to the Piggly Wiggly and got some cases of beer for the BBQ….”), but the truth is that I send out a lot of mass emails to my friends. And maybe this is beginning to annoy them. And wouldn’t it be nice to have everything neatly arranged in a blog?

Also, I invented the blog idea 7 years ago.

Excerpt from my journal, January 5, 2000, when I was writing an interminable senior thesis about the poetry of Adrienne Rich: “If I were ever to write a book, it would have to have little interludes about my everyday life as I was writing the book – because how can the way I live my life – my quirky lefty little always-striving-for-the-best way of being – be distanced from my intellectual thought? It certainly makes things more interesting, at any rate, to be let into someone’s world as you’re reading their intellectual ideas.”

I’m not writing a book (and I no longer think that’s a good idea for a book), but that’s how I’m thinking about my blog – mostly rather serious musings on life from my fantastically brilliant and stylish point of view – with occasional frivolous pictures, recipes, and lots of swear words. It really is a good way to keep up with friends, don’t you think? (Can you hear me trying to justify this most solipsistic venture in my head?). I keep a long list of friends’ blogs that I check whenever I want to procrastinate, and they fulfill that need exceedinly well. Happily, I can now return the favor.


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