plastic has broken my heart: clean your cabinets

Friends, customers, clients, countrymen and women:

I write to you from the depths of despair!
Allow me to take a deep and cleansing breath before I unburden my troubles. Brace yourselves.

Rubbermaid has stopped making the Stain shield clear plastic containers that I use for my meal delivery service.

I know. It’s shocking, and horrific.

Allow me to provide you with a little more information on this most troubling development in the world of plastic food-storage containers. They have replaced them with the Rubbermaid Stain shield Premier line, which is in every way inferior, especially since it does not include a 4-cup size, of which I use dozens upon dozens each week and have been hoarding for years. This news has greatly wounded me, and I have been in high-level talks with the Rubbermaid folks, impressing upon them the benefits of the crystal-clear plastic and gunmetal grey tight-fitting lid that is the original Stain shield line. Alas, my entreaties have not made them relent.

Amazingly, Rubbermaid refuses to take the quantities of Lagusta’s Luscious meals into account when planning the sizes of their product lines!

O Stain shield containers! My heart weeps! How well they withstand repeated washings! O how steadfastedly do they refuse to become stained with tomato products! The new Premier line, with its bulky black lid which takes up twice as much space in the cabinet, will never take the place of the original.

I am not writing this email to ask you to, as I have, call up Rubbermaid and get the numbers of all the wholesale retailers in this fine country who might have caches of these fine containers in the back corners of their warehouses and could be persuaded to part with them in exchange for a few credit card numbers.

No, friends and lovers of high-quality containers, I am asking something different. I am asking you to think back to a time when you might have received food from me and the container – for whatever reason, I am not being judgmental, I know it happens – did not make its way back to me. Please, in the name of maintaining my all-important stocks of containers, search your cabinets, your freezers, your kitchen shelves, and return to me any beloved Stain shield containers (4-cup, 2-cup, and the ever cute round 1-cup which is being replaced by a cruel-looking square 1-cup which will just not be the same) that might be found therein. For your reference as well as reminiscing purposes, a photo of the containers follows.

Thank you for sharing in my horror at this most unwanted development.

Yours in plastic,


30 Responses to “plastic has broken my heart: clean your cabinets”

  1. Carrie Snow

    My heart weeps and falls like rain for you ~
    One word for you girl, eBay!

    ps. Mary sent me the link to this here blog of yours. What a treat and what a good writer you are! You are so inspired and I love it ~

  2. Alison

    I do adore those stain sheilds but,
    What about using those newish containers made of corn and grass, have you seen these? I’ll try to find you the web site. They are disposable, which sounds horrible but, you can put them in your compost and the will return to the earth in 45 days. Now the question is: which is worse? the usage of water when cleaning the reusable containers or the usage of energy that goes into making these disposable, “plastic looking”, biodegradable containers. hmm…. miss u, hope you’re well

  3. Sharon Johnson

    I completely agree!! I also ran into many brick walls trying to get the “old” stain shields from Rubbermaid that I dearly love. I would be embarassed to say how many hours I’ve spent on this; I really do have a life! I found some old stock at a Kroger store and snatched them up fast! I don’t care for the new Premier line at all. I will keep an eye out for you, and if I find anyone who has a decent supply of stock, I’ll let you know..good luck!

  4. KIM

    Ebay has some NOW… 03/12/08… for another 16hrs. I’m with you, I like the orignal containers better and have spent hours looking for a few replacemnets as well. a lady on ebay has a few adds but they are bidding out REALLY REALLY high. Guess we are not he only ones unhappy. Good luck!

  5. Susan Chaityn Lebovits

    I found your cool site while surfing the web for, well, for, um….those damn stain shield containers. How funny is that??
    Anyway, love your site…I’m a journalist and thought you might be interested in one of the online pubs I write for: I will now end my search for those containers. If I find a decent replacement I’ll let you know.

  6. kim kuhna

    I am also looking for those containers. How easy they made my lunch packing/leftover packing! Have you been able to locate them? Please share the address if you were successful.

  7. Tom

    Stain Shield containers contain bisphenol A. We are getting rid of ours. Anyone want them?

  8. lagusta


    I think someone read an Alternet article today!

    You’re right though – I have been trying to decrease my plastic usage for a while now. I’ve been slowly transitioning to glass (Pyrex) containers.

    Can I talk about all the reasons I hate them? They are heavier, so my delivery people and clients have more weight to lug around. They don’t stack, so they take up four times as much space. They are twice as expensive, often more. And worst of all, they chip if you stack them (which everyone does, even though they wobble), so I have to constantly be on chip alert and am constantly throwing out (or saving for nonfood purposes) chipped ones. A friend suggested filing them down with a diamond file, but the guy at my hardware store told me this will be a lot harder than I think, and recommended I use a dremel tool with a special bit (attachment?) and wear gloves and a mask. A friend of mine has a dremel I can use, but does anyone think the containers will still be safe for food after filing them down? I need to research this.

    On the upside, you can bake in them! And I don’t have to worry about clients microwaving them (though I still think microwaving is no good, but they are going to do it anyway – most use the food for lunches at work – so at least it’s healthier for them).

    My god, it’s hard doing the right thing.

    In case you’re wondering, I still hate the Premier line that Rubbermaid replaced my old lovelies with. The lids are so bulky and stupid.

  9. Linda

    I found this site while looking after Googling for stainshield. I completely agree about the new line. I don’t like them at all, and the lids are too bulky, they don’t stack as well, etc, etc. I really want to find some more of the little 1 cup size. They are just the right size to microwave one serving of vegetables. Since my husband and I like very different vegetables, they are invaluable for making individual servings of whatever each of us likes.

    • christina

      you are killing yourself slowly.
      microwaving plastic is bad to begin with but if you are microwaving in the rubbermaid stainshield containers you are pooring BPA into your body. It has been proven to cause cancer in humans, as well as totally mess up the endocrine system which can lead to autoimmune deseases such as diabetes. I don’t know you and I don’t work for a competor of rubbermaid – I can’t suggest another product – I just think everyone should know about the dangers of some plastics and especially the dangers of microwaving any plastics. Honestly, to protect yourself and your family get rid of all your plastics that have a 3, 6 or 7 on the bottom or if there is no number inside a triangle – that is a DEAD givaway that the plastic is bad news. Unfortunatly using BPA is not illegal – mostly due to big business lobbiests. Just protect yourself and your family – tell your friends too. love for all strangers!

      • rhondalee504

        I agree to getting rid of all my plastic. I went on this site to try to find more of the “Stain Shield” and after reading the article, I’m done. I loved all the same things about them but, they are NOT worth it. My Mom told me awhile ago about the dangers but, you tend to just brush them aside. No, not this time. If anything happens to my Niece’s little boy who is only 17 months I would never forgive myself. And I just heated his lunch up in the 1.1 cup size container yesterday:(The are all trashed. To the dump Mon. morning!! I will be using glass as well.

  10. Jimmies

    Yes, I loved them also ……………, except every Stain Shield bowl I own or have returned or just thrown out has either had a cracked lid-cover, cracked bowl itself, or both.

    I want my mony back……………..

    • lagusta

      People say this about the cracking, and it happens to me too once in a while, but only after maybe four years of constant, constant use. I don’t get it—why is everyone so hard on their containers???

  11. Roseline Wagar

    You have a great writing style.I came upon your post from Bing and thought it was great!. How long have you been writing on the internet?Just the other day I recently started a blog myself and its been a enjoyable process. I’ve met some interesting friends since then although it is frustrating sometimes! Once more, much appreciated for your blog post!

  12. Jennie

    I too found your blog while searching for the old Rubbermaid Stain Shield containers in my favorite, the round 2 cup size. I do not care for the new “Premier” replacement at all. Bulky, goofy lid! What are they thinking!! Looks like I’m a few years too late & any available ones will have been snatched up by all the other fans of the old style. Oh well, I should get on with my life now…

    Have a great day!

  13. James

    I have them also and we like them as much as most if not all of you do.

    I agree I tried the new ones and they don’t have the same feel or the same easy off lids. My wife will not use them.
    So I gueuss its time that the MFR. rethinks what they did and yet they will not since they really don’t care what you think The bottom line is $$$$ Isn’t that correct Old Rubbermaid Co. Bring back the product or I go to another supplier.
    That’s the only thing that you companies get -$$ in your pocket.

    Have a nice fuzzy sealed day.


  14. craig

    I agree with you, the Rubbermaid Stain Shield was the best product they have ever maid. It surprised me that they discontinued it. I have 8 lids that I was holding on to in hopes they would bring back the product, but they have not. If you can use them, I would happily send them to you free of charge. I just hate to throw a great product away.

    • lagusta

      Aww, thanks so much! I have a situation now where I have lots more lids than I have containers, but thanks for the offer!

  15. June Wong

    I totally agree with you. Those containers are the best that Rubbermaid has ever made and I still have mine – both sets round and square – after about 8 years and they still look new. The new ones are bulky and much more difficult to wash – the lids are dreadful!
    I search store after store to find them and to no avail. Rubbermaid should listen to us consumers.

  16. Sue

    I was wondering why I could not find anymore, I love the sandwich ones. My husband actually left a sandwich in one in his car in the Florida heat for a year when we found it, it was as if we had just made it bread was still moist from the jelly and still smelt like a pbj sandwich…..oh how I want them to make them again!!!!!

  17. jackie bolton

    I have been trying to find them on the internet too..they are the best!!
    Shocked that they are now discontinued…guess I need to go to a few flea markets or estate sales!!

  18. Michy Cons

    I love plastic containers too. I think that my fridge looks much cleaner with them in it. Last week I found incredible glass containers which are even better. They look clean for much longer time and also I could use them forever. They do not content any toxic ingredients. Thanks for the interesting post!

  19. Linda Miller

    I, too have been looking for the original stain shield line. But can’t find it. Please, Rubbermaid go back to them. They are the best. None of mine are stained after years of storing tomato based sauces. Please tell me where I can get more of them.

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  21. Mary keefer

    This style if staingard Rubbermaid is what I’m searching the web for this very moment I love the smallest one I use this size everyday for my lunch box ole how happy I’d be to find my staingard small dishes !!!

  22. Patti Musialek

    I totally get it Lagusta
    I was just saying. .whatever happened to these most awesome containers ..had i known they would be gone forever some day i certainly would have kept them locked up like Fort Knox and away from my always loving but less then careful with plastic hubby
    ..sob sob


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