Shhh…I’m starting one of those ugly things – a blog. Don’t tell, which everyone thinks is a blog but is actually a rather structured place for essays. has been my baby for 7 years now, and I love her and would never give up on her, but I need a place for those thoughts and ideas that need to be shared but aren’t important enough to be turned into essays. But in order to give a little love to the lag, I read though and edited most of the essays tonight. Even though the site looks hellacious in Internet Explorer and pretty much every browser but Safari or Firefox, isn’t it a beautiful, handmade little thing? I especially reccommend:
On food and
Small is Beautiful.

Blog writing (I cannot yet bring myself to say “blogging” and encourage you to shoot me if I ever do) is a strange new world for me.

We’ll see how it goes.

(I also updated the truffles page tonight – take a look at the pretty pictures.)

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