i loathe daniel lazare with unmitigated passion!!

There are some people in the world whose very existence makes you so sick at heart that you feel your skin is going to spontaneously combust every time you think about them because your loathing of them is so very flammable.

This journalist dude Daniel Lazare is one of those people for me. He writes for left-wingy magazines so by law I am supposed to like him. He also might be Jewish, and I’m not supposed to talk trash about my peeps, or whatev. I’m supposed to reserve my combustable ire and unmitigated loathing for right-wingers, I know. I’m not supposed to contribute to the long-standing tradition of liberal infighting. But, beloved citizens, I challenge you to read some of his claptrap and not feel the way I do.

I first became aware of his particular brand of shitwriting when he wrote a truly horrific book review of a book on the history of vegetarianism for The Nation. After I had painstakingly described, sentence by sentence, the myriad errors in his thought, history, writing style, etc etc, I just gave in to my anger and started attacking him personally.

The Nation, shockingly, did not print my letter.

Now I see that Alternet, my beloved homepage, has printed a piece of his on why atheists are losers! Oh Daniel Lazare, you are the antichrist! Why do atheists get out of bed in the morning? That’s easy: there is a slight chance they might run into you on the street and could spit in your fucky little face!

As you can see, progressive publications MUST stop publishing his tripe! And so I am launching a one-woman campaign against the idiocy-in-the-form-of-a man that is Daniel Lazare. I will keep you regularly updated. People, I have signed up for a Google alert of his name. I’m on top of it. The people, united, can never be defeated! Fuck Daniel Lazare! I am literally on fire!!



18 Responses to “i loathe daniel lazare with unmitigated passion!!”

    • Tim Scott

      It would help if you actually made an articulate case against his arguments instead of just writing an emotional and reactionary tirade about why his topics are offensive to you.

  1. DavidL

    Thank You Lagusta! I only learned about this incredible lame-ass today 08/07/08 having read one of his articles for the first time. I couldn’t believe such an irresponsible twit actually gets paid and published in the national press to write such crap. I had to go on the internet to see if anyone else had noticed this phenomenon. I was kind of hoping nobody had wasted their time that way.

    • WarrenBoroson

      He’s Jewish–

      A DFA Jew–

      Desperate for Attention

      Did you see that the Times described him as a “constitutional scholar”?

      He’s a freelancer for third-rate publications–

  2. Alan Gannaway

    Sorry but I need a coherent explanation of what your problem is with the guy. I’m not a fan but I’m half way through the article on atheism and I can’t see your problem. I see my 14 year old just losing it about stuff and unable to explain why. Are you guys all 14?
    What has being Jewish got to do with it? or anything?
    Do you believe there is something genetically special about it? Sounds dangerous.
    I don’t want a rant. Just some concrete reasons.

    • calvinhisboldness

      Well, I certainly used to be 14- but I think I’ve only started to get into the ‘losing it about stuff’ phase now that I’m 23. I don’t think the comment about Lazare’s and Lagusta’s shared religion has any significance. It’s just brought up as an ignored possible point of contact… if that makes sense. I can’t say that I have any personal distaste for Lazare because I don’t pay much attention to media… unless they’re articles from Der Spiegel I guess- but I can sympathize with Lagusta’s expressed loathing of select liberal media output.

      I stopped reading The Atlantic because I had very little respect for the reasonableness of the writing. Where I come from, you cite higher academic authority or statistics when making the claims I read about in The Atlantic so that as a reader I can check for myself. Oh- I don’t think I would have reacted so negatively to the lack of connection to facts if I didn’t want to support what the writers were saying. It’s just that it’s easy to talk to people who don’t need convincing- but that doesn’t change anyone. I want the people who bear the standard of the politics and so forth I support to be able to face down anything. That’s just what I want though- I don’t actually expect anyone to be able to reason everyone into veganism (I myself haven’t made the transition, and am doubtful I ever totally will) or other ideals I think the world deserves like not raping anyone or conservation of natural resources and wild spaces, but I do want the very best from the people who seek to spread the ideals in print.

      Another thing, why appear to stand alone instead of connecting the people you inspire to further material that supports your collective cause? I can’t think of much of a reason besides the lonely path being more expedient, and I have trouble respecting that.

      Also also, the authority thing is about some magazines or journals or erudite stuff. I really like XKCD because there are often citations- but that’s a special blog.

      So, anyhow, I’m probably with you, Alan, that concrete reasons are the best when dealing with reality, and I’m sorry I haven’t even provided any for why I don’t read The Atlantic. However, it’s a blog, everyone’s allowed to be 14 and nobody’s getting hurt from the 85 followers and whoever happens to stumble across this. I come here for the fire because I like the feminist bend and focus on delicious food- I might notice the name Lazare somewhere now, but I’ll just read the article more closely trying to find something to like because, well, I don’t like throwing out things that are good, but boy, if the article’s bad, I’ll avoid him.

    • Helen Landau

      I believe she just mentioned Lazare’s being Jewish meaning that she was not supposed to say bad things about “our” people. Read more carefully before you launch a “your are a racist” rocket. And yes, we ARE an ethnic minority, that is genetically connected. What’s wrong with that?

  3. Joe Scott

    Lazare is more level-headed than he seems. He leaves in a lot of sharp, tangential comments, but ultimately he comes off as a man who has considered most of the philosophical issues at the heart of vegetarianism and left the debate in favor of eating meat. Anyone can do that. People regularly do do that. He’s just a clever history buff, and so, for those who disagree with him, his opinions hurt more. His humor and irony can be easy to miss, so you get hung up on calling him things that he’s not, like so much criticism aimed at Stephen Colbert.

    Sorry to comment on this so late, but Lazare’s work is involved in a writing project I’m working on, and your post came up.

    • Deschutes

      Actually that is an excellent article. I hate people who smear those who don’t obediently follow the State Department’s victoria nuland’s lead on Ukraine and call them “Putinists”. Name calling is the sign of a stupid person who can’t formulate intelligent arguments. It is amazing there are so many Americans who are so stupid that they buy the current media propaganda that Russia is invading Ukraine. As for Snyder, he is a State Department tool whose mission is to conflate and relativize Nazi mass murder of Jews, Poles, Serbs etc with Communist crimes durning the 1930s. Timothy Snyder is an avid intellectual promoting the new Ukraine: fascist oligarchs with ties to openly Nazi, Jew hating Stephan Bandera/Azov Battalion assholes who run around east Ukraine with swastikas painted on their tanks, helmets and wave ‘wolfsangel’ Waffen SS flags in downtown Kiev. I’m glad Lazare called Snyder out on his bullshit.

  4. Tim Scott

    It would help if you actually made an articulate case against his arguments instead of just writing an emotional and reactionary tirade about why his topics are offensive to you.

  5. Helen Landau

    I can’t recall how I landed on this page, probably driven towards the same loathing I just experienced reading Daniel Lazare’s review of Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands. So, I am going to try to leave my rage behind. Can I just mention my absolute astonishment then? There are actually people on the left that STILL kiss ass to Stalin? I am just blown away. Was that unemotional enough?
    way way back into my youth in Moscow, watching a documentary on the recently ended Portugal Estado Novo’s dictatorshipin a company of well-heeled friends I blurted out: wow, they were the same as us. Boy, did I ever get it! It was my first realization of the indisputable likeness of the bolshevism and fascism as an experience of the people who lived under such regimes. It was much later on that I learned that it was Stalin who started practicing ethnic cleansing by moving huge masses of people around in cattle trains (Crimean Tatars and Greeks before the WWII) Hitler adopted both the ideas and the technology. It was Lenin who initiated the practice of deadly labour camps, Hitler was historically far behind. My Polish-born jewish grandfather was arrested and perished in 1937 in Moscow, not in Kiev. My other grandfather was persecuted in the 70s for a crime of demanding to read a jewish book in the central library of Moscow (Lenin’s Library).
    I consider myself a radical leftist, I had experienced the slavic antisemitism first- hand growing up in one of the most racists cities on the planet. I am also anti-Zionist. I am not sure I want to continue being in the ranks of the left if some sites like this Jacobin, publish Daniel Lazare’s bolshevic reviews of historical facts and hateful and emotional “lies” about Timothy Snyder’s awesome scholarship. How much can this American Lazare dude POSSIBLY know about the partisans? Oh, one of them stated in her memoirs she had never being raped by her comrades, there was only an attempted rape she just breathed thru. But neither had any the the female Holocaust survivors, according to their reports, been raped by the Nazis. But we don’t believe them, do we?
    DOWN WITH DANIEL LAZARE! His pieces are a moral stain on the Left.


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