I try to downplay my militant veganism in my business. Most of my clients aren’t even vegetarian, and I see no reason to tell them the food they are eating is 100% vegan. It would just scare them. So I made these little pins to advance the cause via a little of the old shock and awe. I’m selling them at the 60 Main coffee house in downtown New Paltz – $3 for 3 pins!
They are sold in a set featuring 3 different pins (see below for pictures):
-one 1.25″ “Don’t eat death” pin with a lovely drawing of a fish
-one 1″ “cows died for your sins” pin with a picture of a hamburger in the background
-one 1″ “don’t eat death” pin with a lovely drawing of a spoon and fork
Each one is affixed to a page from a weird old book called “Races of England” that I thought deserved to be torn up, and comes in a jaunty plastic bag.

I love little micro business projects like these. So much more fun than starting a real business. I hope I never grow up and become a real capitalist.





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