getting shit done, in 3 acts

(Photos in this post [except for Jacob’s Halloween costume] are from Than’s [see below] series of photos of himself in bathrooms around the world. I am sure that he intends to publish these in coffee table-book form, and hope that the sneak peek won’t nullify the contract he has undoubtedly already signed for this project.)


Man, peeps in my life are getting shit done these days – that deep down artistic/career-type shit. And other people are picking up on it:
First, my boychik Jacob has this ridiculously rad article written about him in the sound engineer world’s biggest magazine, Mix: check it out!

Sample quote:

Q: How many mixes are you doing?
A: Feinberg: We’re up to 60 inputs, which is a new high for Bright Eyes. That’s 12 musicians, plus guests, including a 4-part string section, two woodwinds, two drummers and a percussion setup, full keyboards, guitars, bass and several vocals. It amounts to 45 open microphones…

Q: That’s a lot of sound coming off the stage? What P.A. are you using?
A: Feinberg: We’re using the d&b J Series J8s and J12s for the main hang. We’ve got B2s running in CSA mode and Q1s and Q10s for fills. It’s an all-digital control signal chain with the Dolby Lake Processors at the heart of it. We time-align and tune with [SIA] Smaart, but find that we do the same very minimal EQ cuts each day regardless of venue. Some of our tuning is done using Rope, the d&b control software, to adjust the HFC and CPL settings for the Js. This provides a more cohesive EQ approach.

I love Jacob-speak!


Then, Roll Magazine, a new Hudson Valley mag about “music, art, and creative living” has a lovely article about Decora, who, along with his partner-in-parallel parking, Jenny (aka one of the most awesome womens I know) do the Lagusta’s Luscious deliveries. But the article is about his main gig – his super rad spoken-word/rap band ReadNex Poetry Squad. The article isn’t online, so look for it around the New Paltz area.

Then, Than just did this RIDICULOUS gig, and is now on tour with this Swervedriver dude and undoubtedly coming to your town. Than is the kind of person who, upon casually browsing his MySpace page, I randomly come across a picture of him walking the catwalk at a fancy fashion show, looking cool as shit, as he always does. Oh, and his rapidly-becoming-insanely-famous band Black Gold is playing in NYC this Thursday! See you there!


3 Responses to “getting shit done, in 3 acts”

  1. Katy

    Wait…the title isn’t a pun about the forth coming coffee table book is it? Oh dear.

  2. Katy

    I love that the “Mix” website has the “Climb for a Tinnitus Cure” link up at the top! We were just discussing it in class the other day – can drive you right over the edge, it can.

    And what’s up with Swervedriver? I liked them like, 15 or 16 years ago? I never knew they ever even did anything again. Odd…


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