target market


This watermelon-addicted, pink-lovin’, laptop-totin’, farm-country livin’ vegan got a little shiver down her spine when she stepped out of the subway and found herself positioned precisely in front of this ad last week. Am I really such a demographic?

2 Responses to “target market”

  1. Paul

    your inner monologue has been adopted. thank you.

    the man

  2. kinnari

    i imagine you know dell is owned by a big bush loving republican right?

    he also has in the same ad series a picture of a creepy old white guy with the phrase “a republican chose….” somethingorotherican’tremember.

    i loved it since it reinforces the stereotype of creepy wmrepubs.

    but yeah, it’s so not fair for them to pick on vegans!

    dell sucks.


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