oh, i love it when the hatred pours through me like this

OMG! Slow Food NYC recently hosted a talk by the woman every vegan wants to spit on: the dreaded Nina Planck, author of that horrid, misinformed, needlessly inflammatory piece of bullshit about “vegans be’s killin’ they’s babies” in the New York Times! Oh, that just turns my stomach. Oh Nina! You are a piece of chewed up gum pretending to be a journalist, and how I hope many lawsuits result from your crap little article!

Recently The Planck wrote of the outpouring of “venomous personal attacks” from vegans as a result of her article. I wonder why people would think that you’re a FUCKING HORRIBLE PERSON, you vile little toadstool, you idiotic faux journalist, you horrid breeder with scary horse teeth? MAYBE BECAUSE YOU CALLED ALL VEGANS POTENTIAL MURDERERS.

Step off, revolting strumpet! (That’s as close as I’ll come to the amazingly lengthy string of anti-feminist curse words I originally wrote, which were so intense they literally made me blush, sitting here all alone in bed).

2 Responses to “oh, i love it when the hatred pours through me like this”

  1. Star

    Why is it that “fucking” is a curse word? Kind of OT, I know, but isn’t it indicative of our sexually repressed/obsessed society that a work like fuck is the worst swear and a word like war is not? Your thoughts?

  2. Star

    Oh My Goddess, what kind of sick freaks is Planck pulling up to support her insane rant? Babies are supposed to be fed breastmilk, not dribbled a few drops of juice! Those nutjobs were NOT representative of the many many loving, nurturing, and well informed vegan parents out there!!!! And what hideous BS is she spouting about pregnancy?? I have seen pregnant women stuff sour-patch kids, three liter cokes, and greasy fries into their face, but GOD FORBID they eat some steamed greens and tofu, the baby will die!! Evil harpy beast!!!! OK, I need a time out…..


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