yet another negative post – hooray hooray!

Daniel Lazare has a big longass book review in The Nation this week. As you might recall, we do not like Daniel Lazare, because he does not like us. I’m keeping tabs on him because I collect idiotic misinformed liberal white men, but I don’t have the heart to read this piece. Maybe some kind reader could read and let us know if he has become any smarter since his famous dismissals of atheists and vegetarians. It sort of looks….good. I’m all for prison reform and, dare I say it, abolishment. (You’ll have to ask Christy for a more detailed explanation of my beliefs about the prison crisis. She’s the expert, and I agree with whatever she says I believe.) And most Nation pieces are, as a rule, good. But Lazare, oh my heavy heart, his sins are just unfuckingforgivable.

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