NYerWbW: August 13 2007 issue

 (The NYerWbW is a regular feature whereby my mother and I keep track of the male/female breakdown in The New Yorker magazine. It’s stunning and shocking and not at all surprising, unless you are one of those people who thinks things are perfectly equal in our society and/or that women are naturally inferior writers. Yo! If you would like to keep track of the white/nonwhiteness of the magazine’s contributors on a regular basis, please let me know – photos of common contributors can be found here)

Friends, the New Yorker Whiteboy Watch is finally making a difference!

Well, not really. Not at all, actually.

Let’s take a look:

Talk of the Town (short) pieces by men: 4

TotT by ladiez: 0

Features and reviews and misc. by mens: 9

Features and reviews and misc. by womens: 2

Poems: 1 male-y poem, 1 woman-y poem

I don’t usually look at the drawings, but maybe I should – this week 14 were by men and 1 was by a woman. ONE. We didn’t even get a Roz Chast this week!

AND the cover was by a man, too. AND the “spots.” Oh, the spots.

Grand total: 30 men, 4 women

Notes: “Shouts and Murmurs” (the “humor” page) was written by a certain Yoni Brenner, who, despite having the absolute most awesomely woman-y name EVER, is a man. I knew this without Googling it because (not to be essentialist or anything, but) no woman, ever, would write cute little modern day Aesop’s Fables about the Knicks and Donald Trump and shit like that.

I was right.

The articles written by women were a piece on the CIA’s interrogation techniques by Jane Mayer, and an article on The Lifetime Channel!!! by Nancy Franklin. Not that the Franklin article didn’t raise interesting issues or whatev (Lifetime perpetrates stereotypes about women? I am shocked.), and not that I don’t think that the Mayer piece on the CIA doesn’t mean we are gaining some ground, it’s just that The NYer has become my weekly slap in the face – the constant reminder that I live in the world of men, reading whatever men want to write about and decide is important.

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