sometimes you just have to live your life as an example and not fight everyone, otherwise you will end up alone. in the scheme of things the only thing that matters is happiness and you can say we live in a patriarchal world and that’s true, but we live in a world where everyone is hated on. whether yr jewish, short, female, indian, hippy, and so on….i think everyone has a reason to hate the world and other humans…and some have a lot more reasons to hate..but if we get preoccupied with all of this hate then what good does it do us…i think we see the world and read the books that we want to shape us…and maybe the world is bad and its esp bad for women but i dont think its that bad and its def not bad enough to lose friends, sleep or laughter over. i just try to laugh at the absurdity of it all instead of harboring all of that anger inside myself. its not a test, where we all die and they see that some have been better humans than others…we all go to the same just live how YOU want to live and dont worry about others..they will either follow or not, and some may die happy and fat in their ignorance. i would rather die thin and happy and having made a difference because thats the life that i enjoy but not because i want to prove i am better than anyone else or because i really think it will change the world..bc the world wont be changed..i live my life to be happy for myself.