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Yay, Margaret!

Why do non-radical people always let you down? I shouldn’t be surprised, I know, but I sent out the email below to all my New Paltz friends who are registered Democrats – thirteen lovely people despite the tragic flaw of being registered Democrats (oh god please don’t mumble anything to me about being able to vote in your piteous little primaries!) – and of course no one responded.

I really hate doing the basic democracy-type work, but in my little town the reality is that my work could result in a greener (and Greener) New Paltz. I’m slowly learning about districts and polling locations, the language of running a campaign and all the tiny steps that go into local political elections.

This of course results in trying to pull my friends into all my efforts, which of course never works. Mostly I’m OK with it, but if I got an email like this I would at least politely reply with some lie about being busy or whatever, wouldn’t you?

Democrats! You get me down, I just can’t help it.

“Hello, people I know who might be Democrats in NP and people who might know Democrats in NP and might be able to pass this on to them!

Here’s the deal. My friend Margaret Human is running for NP Town Council. She is a great progressive who believes in open space, reducing carbon emissions, affordable housing, and many more causes that you most likely also believe in. There is a chance she might be able to run on the Democratic line in the upcoming election in November, which would be wonderful and a real help to her campaign (running a candidate only on the Green Party line has been the death knoll for many a progressive!). As she puts it, “a Democratic endorsement plus Green campaigning will almost assure my victory.”

To make this happen, the Democrats need to see a strong showing of support for her at their caucus, which is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11 at 7 PM in the HS auditorium. Apparently all Democrats can vote, so if you are indeed a registered Democrat as I’m guessing, your support and vote would be more than wonderful.

Iin case you would like to ask Margaret any questions about her campaign, her email is human4newpaltz@yahoo.com. I am working on a website for her tonight that should hopefully be up in a day or so at humanfornewpaltz.org. A little press release as well as Margaret’s utterly lovely and rather hilarious bio follows.



(for more info on Margaret’s campaign, keep reading or go to this quickie site I made: humanfornewpaltz.org)

For Immediate Release
Margaret Human to Seek Additional Nomination from Democrats
Contact: Margaret Human 750-0764 human4newpaltz@yahoo.com

As the New Paltz Democrats prepare for their nominating caucus, Margaret Human, Green Party candidate for Town Council, is reaching out to local Democrats and asking for their nomination too.
“I want to run with you for Town Council,” says Human, “not against you. I am asking for your vote on November 7 but I am also asking for your vote to nominate me at your caucus. We share many common core values about what we can have for our community. I will work hard to build the fair, affordable, livable, walkable and bikeable New Paltz that many of us have been envisioning.”
Ms. Human’s priorities include protecting farms and open space, securing water resources for the community, sustainably increasing the tax base, and providing affordable housing.
Margaret Human lives in New Paltz with her daughter and grandchildren. “I believe that the best legacy we can pass on to them and to future generations is clean air and clean water and the ability to grow great local produce for generations to come.”

My name is Margaret L. Human. I am 65 years old, in good health, widowed, retired from a range of jobs from house cleaning to translations editor. I raised 3 daughters as a single mother. My eldest has lived and worked in New Paltz for about 6 years. I have 2 grandchildren; my grandson is entering the New Paltz school system this year. I moved to New Paltz 2 years ago when I retired.

I was educated in Utica, NY public schools and attended Syracuse University for 2 ½ years, majoring in French. I am currently auditing Modern Turkish History at SUNY New Paltz.

I ran a one-woman campaign for Congress in 2002 as a Peace Candidate during the Afghanistan invasion and the threat of an invasion of Iraq. My opponent was John Sweeney famous for intimidation of the vote counters in Miami Dade County in the 2000 election. The Democrats had said they would probably not run anyone, but after I announced they decided to run someone against me, too. I received 4.1% of the vote.

I have worked on Green campaigns every year since 1999, including Edgar Rodriguez’s successful run for the New Paltz School Board this spring.

I have been arrested 6 times since the 1990s: at the World Bank Mobilization in Washington, DC, on the grounds of the School of the Americas, outside the gate of the SOA, locally for letting the air out of SUV tires at a global warming demo, in NYC chaining myself to Con Edison’s doors in an Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant protest, and at the 2004 Republican Convention in a War Resisters’ League demo.

In New Paltz, I have been serving on the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee for more than a year and have been their liaison to the Town Planning Board for a major development. I volunteer at Family of New Paltz, a food pantry, free store, general services private non-profit.

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