what does it mean to be alive?

Might I suggest that watching John Waters movies is the secret to happiness? There is something fabulously post-revolutionary about John Waters. Last year, thanks to the magic of Netflix’s habit of suggesting that you put all the movies from one director into your queue when you express interest in one of them, I ended up watching every single John Waters movie – plus all the assorted documentaries and miscellany! – in the span of about a month. Because I watch movies while I do all my prep work, I tend to watch them twice or three times then watch them again with the director’s commentary to make up for the fact that I’m constantly looking away, blending something, washing dishes, etc. This heavy duty exposure to the John Waters universe put me in a good, if slightly strange, mood for a solid month.

It’s not that I even enjoy all of all his movies, it’s more that I’m just so glad he’s alive doing what he’s doing and I’m alive to watch what he’s done while I’m doing what I’m doing. Several of his movies – Desperate Living comes to mind – cause me almost physical pain, yet I can’t stop watching and I can’t stop smiling.

Thinking about all this, I announced to a friend that I think one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year will be to rewatch the best bits of his oeuvre every year (for me that would be Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living – yes! – Female Trouble, and Polyester). This was met with a blank stare, but I’m sticking with it. John Waters is a “resistance is fertile” kind of dude, for sure.

2 Responses to “what does it mean to be alive?”

  1. Maggie C.

    john waters is great! my first date with Erik was to a John Waters movie.

  2. lagusta

    ah maggie, you continue to be such a super awesome lady – not to mention my official oldest friend!


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