New Yorker Whiteboy Watch: Sept 17 issue


(The NYerWbW is a regular feature whereby my mother and I keep track of the male/female breakdown in The New Yorker magazine. It’s stunning and shocking and not at all surprising, unless you are a patriarchy denier and/or believe that women are naturally inferior writers. Yo! If you would like to keep track of the white/nonwhiteness of the magazine’s contributors on a regular basis, please let me know – photos of common contributors can be found here)

I’ve realized that I’m too lazy to do the breakdowns of what the articles are about, unlike my mom. Primarily this is because if an article is boring I skip it and don’t want to have to read all the way through to see if a woman pops up halfway through, and also because sometimes the subjects are technically about gender-neutral subjects – ambulance drivers in NYC, say – but in reality none of those ambulance drivers are women and of course that is not exactly the NYer’s fault but…still. It’s a grey area, so I’m skipping it!

talk of town:
by men: 3

by women: 2

rest of mag:
by men: 8

by women: 1 little tiny book review by Jill Lepore.

I guess I should point out that there was a feature article on horrid Hillary and that interesting piece on Joyce Hatto, so men did a fair bit of writing about the fairer sex this week.

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