The New Yorker Whiteboy Watch, October 15 issue

As I had fearfully suspected, the October 8 vag revolution was a one-shot deal.

However, I got 100% on the 2008 Campaign Quiz!

And: Philip Roth continues to be exceedingly boring.

And: Yet another of those weird/cute Oregon ad inserts. Are there truly no people of a non-white complexion in the entire state? The whiteness of those ads stuns me every time.

Full disclosure: I really like both Portland and Seattle. And Olympia, though I must confess I’ve never actually been. But I figure I’ve listened to enough Oly music to like it.


Talk of the Town:

by men: 3

by women: 2

rest of mag:

by men: 12

by women: 1

(The NYerWbW is a regular feature whereby my mother and I keep track of the male/female breakdown in The New Yorker magazine.)

3 Responses to “The New Yorker Whiteboy Watch, October 15 issue”

  1. madmonq

    Have you ever driven through Pennsylvania? You’d think proximity to NY/NJ would mix things up a little but its just not so. Can also be in the running for white-ist state in the union.

    Is it OK if I still like NYker magazine?

  2. lagusta

    yes! I love the New Yorker! Which is why I feel so free to criticize it…


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