mitigating factors


(All the sockdogs in town voted for Margaret, by the way)

So, I’m pretty much OK about the election (see below) right now. Some facts to consider, shamelessly copied from an email a New Paltz Green sent to our listserve.

“-The Democrats have an enrollment advantage of more than thirty to one over the Greens in this town, but couldn’t even double Margaret’s vote total.

-Margaret set the new vote record (639, plus whatever may come in later from
absentee and provisional ballots) for a New Paltz Green, as well as the new
vote percentage record.

-Republicans are really the “third party” in this town, even though they outnumber Greens by 25 to 1. Given that there are probably fewer than 100 Greens currently residing in New Paltz, vs. 6,000 registered as Dems and Reps, that is a phenomenal accomplishment that we can hope will serve as a beacon of hope for New Paltz and for the rest of America.”


Plus, if cats and dogs can get along, maybe there is hope for this world after all:


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