hot topic is the way that we rhyme

Oh darling blog, I’ve missed you these fourteen days! I’ve had so much righteous outrage / pink outfits (my life pretty much divides evenly into those two categories) to share with you, but I have to be a business tycoon few more days, cooking and making truffles for often unexpectedly famous people, which always makes me feel a little funny. People tell me I should brag about it on my website but I can’t bring myself to, as my official position is active disagreement with the whole celebrity cult crap thing in the first place. But I guess by mentioning it without mentioning it here I’m doing just what I say I’m against, so oh well. Anyway, I’ve got a long vacation coming up, filled with plane rides (hello carbon offsets!), handmade swimsuits (click on “swim suits,” #7, so pretty!), and ample blogging time, so be excited.

7 Responses to “hot topic is the way that we rhyme”

    • lagusta

      I know. I get a bunch, but usually get to them in time. I think moving the blog address from is letting a lot more slip by! I’ll sit down tonight and do some deleting…while you’re working on your guest blog!!! ;)

  1. ruby

    I just wonder why the robots target posts with “carbon offsets” & “handmade swimsuits”.


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