first blog controversy!

Wooo! How exciting! Read all about it in the comments to this post and this post! It’s not exactly a controversy, it’s actually more like an argument. But I’m trying to to keep the blog out of the realm of the ugly name-calling bloggie argumentative comment wars, so I’ll call it a controversy. Let’s pronounce it with British accents, shall we? Even better!

Man oh man that Crocsmamas post was mean. I admit it! But every time I go to erase it I reread it and love it and can’t do it. I think before you get mad at me about it you should have to go get Green Party ballot access-petition signatures in front of your local supermarket – put yourself in my shoes for once, people, before you’re so judgmental. (Winky icon here!)

(Where is the beloved New Yorker Whiteboy Watch? Soon, soon soon! And so much more! Still being a business tycoon! Push push push!)

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