i don’t want to go to rehab, baby

Grrr! That subject line has nothing whatsoever to do with this post but that song gets into your head and sticks there – it’s a mindsticker! Fucking Amy Winehouse! My sweetheart saw her in a hotel recently and reported that her legs are indeed terrifyingly skinny!

Moving on.


Put the word out, peeps: Lagusta’s Luscious is looking for a chocolatier’s apprentice to assist me with making truffles.

Also, scroll down for a special Valentine’s Day truffle special!

Here’s the info:

Chocolatier’s apprentice wanted – passionate, perfectionist yet productive, responsible food lover needed to make vegan chocolate truffles every other Wednesday and Thursday in New Paltz, NY. $10 per hour to start with opportunities for raises, 5 hours or more per day, hours somewhat flexible. You need not have a food service background, but an eagerness to learn and perfect a craft. Veganism a plus. Long term commitment ideal. Email lagusta@lagustasluscious.com.

Here’s the story:

Although I love making truffles, it’s becoming a bit of a drain on me, since I have this whole other full time job thing. I feel very lucky to be in the position of having more work than I can handle, and am proceeding carefully. What I do not want to do is start a truffle factory and mass-production of the truffles. I deeply believe in the power of small businesses, and the truffles have to be handmade in small quantities to be as special as they are. So I don’t want to sell them to Hersheys, or Whole Foods. I just want to expand the business the tiniest bit.

Eventually I want to build a commercial kitchen of my very own, but to do that I need to do some saving. Therefore, I’m looking for a motivated, interesting, smart person to help me out with the truffles. Right now it’s only two days every two weeks, but if things go well there could be expansion possibilities. In an ideal universe that person would be a raging feminist and passionate (but not insane) vegan. The universe, however, is not ideal, and I so totally know that.

If you know anyone who might be interested, let me know!!

Also! Now is the time to place your Valentine’s Day orders, because we are going to sell out super fast. In celebration of this most chocolatey of days, I’ve put together a special arrangement I’m calling My Love, You Make My Lips Pucker and Set My Heart On Fire. As is obvious from the name, this is a special collection of puckery pomegranate truffles with a pretty rose petal garnish (I have yet to meet someone who is not madly in love with this little dear) and our newest hot mama: the chipotle truffle. The boxes are $13 each plus shipping and there is a 2 box minimum order, as usual.

Peep it:


Very important: because I am far too lazy to change the website around for this special deal, this is an email and blog-only special, and the only way to get it is to order any 2 small boxes from the website through PayPal, then write “Valentine’s Day assortment” or something like that in the message line when you place your order. Your receipt will say that you ordered 2 Nutty Assortments (or whatever), but you and I will know the truth (and I will email you to reconfirm the truth). If you’d like to pay by check, just let me know and we will set it all up.

2 Responses to “i don’t want to go to rehab, baby”

  1. forkthis

    if i didn’t live on the other side of the country, i would totally apply for this job.


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