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What’s up with this Edible franchise? Within a month, three friends (Selma, K&K, and Mika) foisted three different Edible publications on me (Edible Nutmeg, Edible Brooklyn, and Edible Hawaiian Islands, respectively). Selma hated Edible Nutmeg – I suspect chiefly because it had a feature on Paul Newman, whom she righteously loathes for 1) pouring money and celebrity into a sustainability-focused restaurant right around the corner from her own labor-of-love struggling sustainability-focused restaurant and 2) marketing a gigantic variety of incredibly inedible “healthy crap” foods (he pretty much defined the genre of “inedible healthy crap,” actually).

(Does anyone outside Connecticut know that CT is the Nutmeg State? I sure as hell didn’t. While I’m on the subject: the other day I told a friend that before I’d ever been to CT, I imagined that all CT dudes looked just like her father – a rich white dentist in khaki pants, tidy belt, crisp pink dress shirt with a tasteful matching Madras plaid tie. I didn’t say “rich white dentist” to her, but she got quiet and I wonder if I hurt her feelings. Anyway!)

However, I found Edible Brooklyn and Edible Hawaiian Islands about as palatable as a quasi-mainstream ad-driven free publication can be. Pretty enjoyable, actually. Kind of labor-of-lovey themselves, actually. They aren’t really reading magazines – the articles are pretty short – but good for information-gathering. Local kombucha available in stores in Brooklyn! Locally made chocolate – bean to bar! -right here on Kaua’i (the home of many parts of my soul, if I believed in such things, and my physical body for a month a year)!!

I’m actually thinking of taking advantage of their $45-for-three subscription rate and subscribing to Edible Hawaiian Islands, Edible Brooklyn (a part of my heart lives in that hipsterland, and Bklynites are usually up to interesting things) and of course Edible Upstate. Maybe I’ll ditch subscriptions to Cuisine and Cook’s Illustrated (the former because it’s deathly boring and written for 4-year-olds and the latter because Christopher Kimball’s precious little editor’s letters about his goddamn Vermont farm make me so pukey that I’m willing to miss out on the results of their testing of bench scrapers or potato mashers or teaspoon measures or whatever other tool that you don’t need to know which one is the “best” of anyway in order not to sneer at his little bow tie every month.

Oh, Christopher Kimball. We’ll see how Edible treats me.

PS: In fairness I should state that I really enjoy three other food magazines: Saveur, Gourmet (strangely vegetarian-friendly these days, Gourmet used to be ad-driven drivel but has smartened up considerably under Dame Ruth Reichl), and Fine Cooking. And of course Martha, but her recipes are usually pretty much crap. The pictures though, so pretty!

5 Responses to “edible everywhere”

  1. lagusta

    Ah, I freecycled it in a huge batch of magazines (freecycle.org!)!! : ( They are free in CT though, so the next time you’re there look out for it!

  2. zp

    Oh, I freecycle. And I live in CT, but haven’t seen any free Edible Nutmeg. And, for the record, I knew it was the Nutmeg state (and its residents nutmeggers) before I moved here, or even thought of doing so . . . maybe I was subconsciously influenced.

    Paul Newman IS awful.

  3. lagusta

    Hooray for Freecycle! Hmm…have you tried looking in health food stores? That’s where I saw the Edible Hawaiian Islands. And I’m so glad you agree about Paul Newman!!

    Nutmeggers!!!! You have got to be kidding. Awesome.


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