NYerWbW: December 17 issue: you did it (almost)!

Oh MAN. Congratulations, DUDES. You totes did it.

Well, almost totes – this week’s New Yorker is 98% by and about teh menz. I knew the day would come, and it pretty much has.

Without Nancy Franklin’s 99% menz-y report on the YouTube Debate, and Lizzie Widdicombe’s Talk of the Town tidbit on the rabbi who will do his rabbi thing door-to-door as long as the door opens to a rich white dude – total dudeosity would have been achieved.

Let me be clear about this:

-Not one feature article was by a woman.

-Only one Talk of the Town was by a woman (see above).

-Not one poem was by a woman.

-Only one piece in The Critics was by a woman (see above).

-Even the CARTOONS were a 100% dick festival this week. No Chast! Not even I-am-unable-to-draw-a-non-SATCish-woman Marisa Acocella Marchetto!

So what did the dudes want to talk about this week?

White men.

Je suis choqué.

Talk of the Town was 100% about men, but the feature articles were not.

There was a nice long article about a lady named Marion True who is wearing four different animals/animal byproducts in her stunned-looking portrait (leather jacket trimmed with fur, wool sweater, pearl earrings and necklace) and who may or may not be guilty of improperly procuring antiquities to the Getty Museum.
There was an even longer article about the aforementioned Malcolm Lowry, who may or may not have been murdered by his crazy-but-absolutely-less-crazy-than-him wife. In my opinion, the world is better off without both of them, and my life is undeniably less rich for having devoted an entire beach afternoon to reading about their pathetic little lives.

Immediately after the Lowry piece is…you know what? I’m not even going to comment on the fiction.

I’m done with my homework for this week.


1. In truth I am off to read Secret Ingredients, which my mom gave me for Hanukkah!

2. The NYerWbW is a regular feature whereby my mother and I keep track of the male/female breakdown in The New Yorker magazine.

3. Please note that because I’m on vacation and am getting my mail forwarded, I am approximately one year behind everyone else in the world on New Yorkers.

4 Responses to “NYerWbW: December 17 issue: you did it (almost)!”

  1. lagusta

    well, I’d certainly like to see more like this in the NYer. I’d also like all this pink ribbon business to have a strong focus on prevention as well as a cure…

  2. lagusta

    also! I’ve decided that I liked the Lethem fiction. What did everyone else think?

  3. marisa acocella marchetto

    the breast cancer research foundation as well as most of the breast cancer research organizations have a strong focus on prevention. the bcrf published a brochure (which i illustrated) about ways you can prevent breast cancer, and has symposiums about prevention, etc. the question is: how do you prevent cancer? what causes cancer. so many mysteries that need/must be solved in the cancer puzzle, and sooner rather than later.
    in response to your comment about “i’d like to see more like these in the new yorker”, from your mouth to god’s ears. but what exactly do you mean? they aren’t about to give me pages for me to rant about stuff. if you’re talking about drawing style, well…i was documenting a time when i observed a social phenomenon of these uber thin women basically taking over ny, which they still are. and i was doing it before SATC the tv show, and before it was even a book, and in fact, many of my cartoons were “lifted” and put in SJP’s mouth. hello, writer’s guild?


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