3.5 tidbits

Three miscellaneous bits:

1) I was writing a sweetly nasty note to the Omaha Steaks people demanding that they take me off their sickening mailing list today, and saw, to my utter horror, that their mailing address is “10909 John Galt Blvd.”

Oh holy fuck. The day has come. Here we go:

It is time to publicly pay whatever respects are due to Ayn Rand and move into a future in which I feel free to mock her and her insane followers.

I wish someone would publish an “Ayn Rand for Liberals” book that would leave out all the insane laissez-faire capitalist crap, the rape/sex scenes, and the rest of the misogyny, but would leave in all the parts about self-reliance, the idea of absolute right and wrong (which I deeply believe in – none of this Zen Buddhist stuff for me), and making your own furniture and all that. She said some good shit, but it is so often overshadowed by the shit shit.

When I fell in love with her books I was living in a scary situation in which someone telling me that my life was completely in my hands and could be whatever I wanted it to be was terribly alluring and possibly sanity-saving.

Thanks to a big-hearted, complicated, Ayn-Rand-loving ultra-liberal friend, I was introduced to her just at the right time (with just the right disclaimers).

Without a doubt, however, she was a non-feminist racist, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for what she has given me, wipe my brow in gratitude that my 17-year-old brain didn’t absorb the idiotic parts, and move on.

2) Moving on: The other day (5 time zones away, but still just two days ago) I was in the middle of a friendly argument with my Hillary-supporting father out-law (instead of in-law, get it? Um.).

We were debating the merits of being an idealist and remaining true to your ideals versus the merits of voting for someone who lost her ideals roughly twenty years ago and whose Iraq policies probably won’t be all that better than Bush’s, so there! Out of my mouth swam the following phrase, which I think is destined to become the new “We must be the change we wish to see in the world,” or at the very least the new “my karma ran over your dogma,” or something like that:

If all realists became idealists, reality would become ideal.

Yo!!! Do you love it?? I was literally (I think I am going to link to this blog literally every time I say literally, I adore it so) shocked by my zingy little aphorism, but no one at the table seemed all that amused/completely transformed in every way as I was. I brought it up again later, and a friend said that while I was without a doubt a) insane and b) a Zen master, he didn’t think it made all that much sense, because how can reality become ideal – won’t it then not be reality? I think he missed the whole point!

3) In case any blog-readers were considering buying Valentine’s Day truffles for their sweeties, I am probably going to be sold out of them in the next few days, so get your orders in now! Click here to read about the special secret Valentine’s Day truffle box! (I found an apprentice, though, don’t email me about that…)

3.5) In order to find the link for the secret boxes I did a Google search and found my own MySpace page, neglected by me for a month or so, with zillions of porny spams (and some nice comments) and…half in Japanese. Oh, internet!

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