ann coulter hearts hill

I wish I had more time today to write a big old post wishing and hoping and encouraging all the Democrats in my life to vote for Barack tomorrow, complete with lots of facts about Hillary’s love for Mansanto, Walmart, and war, but that time does not exist. Instead, I will merely point out that





And really, that alone says more than I ever could about what a mess we’ll be getting ourselves into with Hillary as the nominee.

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  1. mrunpc

    Mitt Romney is our only hope on Tuesday. Huckabee wasn’t even on the radar screen until the liberal media elevated him through his religion well knowing that IA was Evangelical “heavy”. At the same time it trashed Romney and made sure to mention that he was a Mormon. THAT is how Huckabee got ANYWHERE in this race.

    Then the media did the same thing with McCain, who was broke, firing his staff, and near the bottom in the polls as recently as December 2007! Knowing that Huckabee had no chance in NH, they puffed up McCain the same way. ALL of this has been orchestrated by the LIBERAL media because they’re scared to death of Mitt Romney knowing that he is by far the strongest GOP candidate and hardest for the Democrats to beat in November.

    Mike Huckabee hasn’t won a primary since Iowa and is falling further behind in each race and poll. It is becoming obvious that he is just staying in the race to prevent Mitt Romney from beating McCain. Without him Romney would be winning most of the 22 States in the upcoming Tuesday contest. A vote for Huckabee takes a vote from Romney and benefits only McCain because most of Huckabee’s supporters would favor Romney.

    Now the media successfully fragmented the Republican vote and pumped their favorite (and our enemy) RINO McCain. It’s a win win for the Liberal Socialists who are in the process of hijacking the Republican Party AND the country.

    A vote for RINO (Republican In Name Only) John McCain is a vote for the following:

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: he wrote the bill granting amnesty to illegal immigrants (co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy).

    SOCIAL SECURITY: he voted to give your social security money to illegal immigrants.
    TAXES: he voted against the Bush tax cuts multiple times (he has since flip-flopped and has campaigned as a lifelong tax-cutter).

    RHETORIC: he routinely engages in Democratic class warfare against big companies in America, particularly the “evil” drug companies who research cures to debilitating diseases for a profit.

    ECONOMY: as recently as December 2007 he admitted “he does not know the economy very well” and needed to get better at it.

    1ST AMENDMENT: he wrote the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill that was declared to be an unconstitutional infringement of the 1st Amendment (co-sponsored by ultra-liberal Democrat Russ Feingold).

    2ND AMENDMENT: he was called the “worst 2nd amendment candidate” by the president of the NRA.

    ENERGY TAX: wrote a bill (co-sponsored by his buddy Lieberman) imposing a massive tax on energy which, according to the Department of Energy, would drastically raise the price of gasoline and put 300,000 Americans out of work.

    GLOBAL WARMING: supports radical global warming legislation which involved him voting with every Democrat; think only America is responsible to take action, not other superpowers.

    JUDGES: he joined forces with Democrats (Gang of 14) to block the Senate Republican’s attempt to confirm conservative, strict constructionist judges; also said Alito was too conservative for his liking.

    WAR ON TERROR: fought with Hillary Clinton to demand that terrorists be given a full AMERICAN trial.


  2. lagusta

    Oh dear! I hope I haven’t led clueless heartless freaks like this guy (I’m sure it’s a guy) to think this is some Republican blog! Kindly go fall into a vat of acid, sir! We are Green Party members in this little corner of the internet.


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