sweet and sour

Well, look at this super sweet site and the lovely review of my truffles it contains! How rad! How nice to know about sites like Indie-Pendence – bookmark it!

On the not so sunny side of the street, I think I might have been named for a porno. SERIOUSLY.

(Also – New Yorker Whiteboy Watch coming soon!)

3 Responses to “sweet and sour”

  1. lagusta

    Well, I appreciate the sentiment!
    On the subject of decidedly non-creepy websites – on the contrary, super awesome ones – what will little Brooklyn Bunny become when he moves upstate? Hudson Valley Hare? That’s the best I could think of, and it pretty much sucks! If you’re inclined to rename Roebling after an upstate bridge, I am quite partial to the Newburgh-Beacon bridge, whose real name is The Hamilton Fish. Not that I think rabbits need new names when they move and, um, not that Roebling is the name of a bridge. Hmm. But The Hamilton Fish would be an excellent bunny name, don’t you think? Then again, maybe it’s just the it’s 4:05 am talking.

  2. Kevin Dresser

    Hudson Valley Hare is good. I like The Hamilton Fish. Yeah, that’s it… The Hamilton Fish Bunny cam. That’ll really confuse everyone. :)


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