Democrats: you’re supposed to believe in democracy, remember?


WordPress automatically capitalizes the first letter of all my subject lines, so please know that sentence should really read:

Democrats: you’re supposed to believe in democracy, remember?

So Nader is running, and I’m happy about it. I believe in Nader and I believe in democracy. Not Democrats. Good old little-d democracy. In a democracy, we’re supposed to believe that more political engagement is a good thing, that it’s good to have people outside the political mainstream shaking things up. A presidential election between McCain and Hillary – could anything speak to the ultimate blah of our precious little democracy more than that? Nader will keep Obama a little more honest and interesting, and the first Democrat who whines to me with some inaccurate nonsense about 2000 is going to get a swift kick in the nuts or ovaries. GRRR.

Moving on: It’s Black History Month, and although the very idea is a little sickening since it just points out that the 11 other months are White History Month, it’s also needed and interesting and whatnot. Every time I am reminded of BHM I involuntarily start singing “Which Side Are You On” over and over again for the next few hours.

This leads to reminiscing about when I was a little kid and my state didn’t celebrate the MLK Jr. holiday. All progressive people were so humiliated by this that we went to countless protest marches mostly consisting of singing “We Shall Overcome” and “Which Side Are You On” until our throats were sore. (I’m not complaining – I’ll take the dirgey “Which Side Are You On” over the dreaded “Hey hey, ho ho, blah blah has got to go” chant any day). Maybe the old-school tactics worked for once, because MLK Jr. Day is now a state holiday. Even better, I no longer live in such an idiotic state.

The combination of BHM and Nader running got me thinking about how important it is to take sides. I don’t believe in reaching across the aisle and compromising until we find something that works for everyone. I believe in stealing hearts and minds from the other side of the aisle – because when your positions are the correct ones this shouldn’t be too difficult to do (Lets let the laughable idealism of that statement go unchecked for right now, OK?) – until you’ve converted enough people and have enough power to completely ignore the other side until they go away and are never heard from again. With some exceptions, most moral and political questions have definite black-and-white answers, and it’s important to know where you stand.

Which side are you on, either you’re with us or you’re with you’re against us, you’re part of the problem if you’re not part of the solution, if you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention – absolutely.

If it sounds like bumper sticker politics, it’s because sometimes things really are that simple.

Bush Lied, People Died (though it really should be Bush Lies, People Die.).

Jesus Loves You, Everyone Else Thinks You’re an Asshole.


Hooray for Nader, hooray for not-good-enough tokens to multiculturalism that don’t do enough but at least do something.

Hooray for our side!

2 Responses to “Democrats: you’re supposed to believe in democracy, remember?”

  1. devon

    Hey lo there!
    What a fun snit of support for our d(tiniest possible)-emocracy! Sad to say I’ve not seen you in a while, but glad to feel you in your words.

    Quite invigorating, this campaign season, yes? So glad to see Nader raising hackles again. It really makes one wonder how lynching hard it must seem for mainstream politicos to show a little
    bra -very/-zenness. Nader stands up and “Oh the gall of it!”, “How can he?”, “Why now?”s of the media and Democrats!
    To heaven with concepts of gall! He can cause you can! and Why not?

    Should be fun to watch! Next break in my schoolwork should produce a review of his website. Can’t wait!


  2. lagusta

    Hello! Man, I’ve missed the Albany contingent of my life!
    Yes, I have to say, this campaign season is pretty exciting…it kind of makes me happy to be alive during this history-making time. I personally wish that the kind of history we would be making would be a Nader presidency, but alas. At least we’re making some sort of history.


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