NYerWbW: February 11 & 18, 2008

First of all: of all the things to work for and care about in this totally fucked-up world, lets please not work against OR for the impeachment of fucking Spitz. YES, IT’S NOT FAIR that he might impeached when others have done equally or even more idiotic acts (like sending us to war for no reason). But he’s a fucking lying-ass sleazy douche and we must focus our energies on more important issues. Done. Moving on. Fucking lying-ass sleazy douches need not take up any more of our damn time. (If you want to read just a bit more, this blog, all of it, has a good take.)

New Yorker stats!

A typical meh week in the gender breakdown world.
Talk of the Town:

by men: 3

by women: 2 (Lizzie Widdicombe and Lauren Collins, always Lizzie Widdicombe and Lauren Collins, have you noticed? Did I say this last week? Yes, I did!)

rest of mag (including the cover, not including cartoons):

by men: 14

by women: 4

(The NYerWbW is a regular feature whereby my mother and I keep track of the male/female breakdown in The New Yorker magazine.)

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