NYerWbW: March 3, 2008: history has been made!

And we didn’t even need Hillary!

For the first time in my recollection, The Talk of the Town section in The New Yorker is overwhelmingly written by women! 4:1 overwhelmingly! I was just thinking to myself that the first, most prominent and most important Talk of the Town (the one that’s about real issues, not puff pieces on publishing houses moving a few blocks away or “Taser parties”) was never, never by a woman, but here we go with Alma Guillermoprieto talking about Cuba, unsettling all my prejudices in the best way possible.

In my late-night handwriting I wrote “I hate everything she’s ever written” next to Lizzie Widdicombe’s annoyingly amused-instead-of-irritated bit about Taser parties (yes, just like Tupperware). I don’t think this is really true though. I certainly dislike her Upper East Sidey name and the fact that her TotT pieces are in every goddamn issue and are rarely of any interest to me, but those are not really grounds for true hatred. I’m sorry, Lizzie, it was just my late night low tolerance for seeing the humor in a society that reduces women to holding Taser parties. If you would change your byline to something just a bit less babyish, I promise not to scrawl all over your articles any more.

The main section wasn’t bad either:  9:4 – a very respectable ratio. (You know who was the 9 and who was the 4 – it’s still The New Yorker, after all.)
(The NYerWbW is a regular feature whereby my mother and I keep track of the male/female breakdown in The New Yorker magazine.)

4 Responses to “NYerWbW: March 3, 2008: history has been made!”

  1. ivan

    no, you’re right to hate lizzie’s writing. it’s gotten to the point that i can tell which TotT piece is hers because after two sentences I JUST HATE IT SO MUCH.

  2. Ben

    Sure, I can see the merits of a reductivist approach like counting how many New Yorker pieces are written by writers of each gender. Who cares if it’s Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly – that’s two in the good column!

  3. lagusta

    Yo Ben – no need for the knee-jerk reactionary hatin’ on the Whiteboy Watch. It’s just a small, small piece of my plan for global feminist world domination/transformation/revolution. I know it’s by no means enough. But it’s something. And might I ask what you’re doing to bring about a feminist utopia? And also, have you read about how much I loathe Hillary? Or how Lizzie Widdicombe’s Talk of the Town bits make me scream, just a mere few sentences above your very own comment? Read a little more, ye who is so quick to judge. Just because something’s simple doesn’t mean it’s the whole megillah.


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