three recommendations


Our economy is in the toilet, my state appears to be crumbling under the weight of its own idiocy, and I still haven’t written my birthday thank-you notes or called my grandmother lately.

But. I’m feeling a good energy in the air lately. Maybe it’s just the sweetness of the fast approaching springtime putting me in a good mood, but I’ve been waking up at night with ideas for chocolates and dishes to make, looking at my house and clothes in new ways and making little adjustments to freshen everything up, and listening to, reading, and watching some lovely bits of culture.

1) If you like indie twee girl singer-songwriters as much as I do, might I suggest Taken by Trees? So pretty and springy.

2) If you’ve ever wanted Woody Allen to be not such a jerk and Sex and the City to be more feminist and just all-around better, please immediately grab a copy of Puccini for Beginners. Allegra, the super rad protagonist of this delightful romp (I know it sounds like I’m writing for Variety, but it truly is a delightful romp!) is a lost sister of mine – a raging feminist who loves the world of women, secretly reads Martha Stewart Living, finds Justin Kirk ridiculously cute, and loves her Argosy Bookstore totebag.

3) Patricia Klindienst’s The Earth Knows My Name: Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic Americans is the kind of book that makes your heart swell with happiness that someone else on this ridiculous blue green planet cares about the things you care about.


Resistance is fertile, peeps. Just when things look so utterly stupid that you are not sure you can even continue to be a citizen of your country anymore and might need to retreat to the country of your house, lock the doors tight, snip the magical cables that bring the outside world into the house and spend the rest of your days embroidering elaborate tableaux depicting Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Shirley Chisholm reenacting key scenes from The Bell Jar or something – these are the times to remember that resistance is fertile. It’s time to keep your nose to the ground and sniff out all the great work happening just beneath the surface, the work whose very existence sustains us and gives us the energy and psychic reserves to continue the day-to-day work of plugging up the cracks in our so badly cracking old world.


2 Responses to “three recommendations”

  1. allison

    Those plates are awesome, and I think you should tell us some more about them!


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