I heart small businesses/Callebaut will be the death of me

Who needs to pay a therapist? I just spent a harrowing-but-therapeutic few hours typing up all my pent-up frustrations at what my partner and I have come to call The Chocolate Situation. Nothing has been resolved, but at least the whole damn saga is on paper (well, kind of) and out of my head, where it periodically rose to the top of my thoughts and made my fists involuntarily clench.

It’s really long and at the end I go into a weird This American Life parody/homage/imagination – watch for it!

2 Responses to “I heart small businesses/Callebaut will be the death of me”

  1. danielle

    i’ve never met you but i read your blog like crazy! just read the ENTIRE chocolate/small business essay even tho my sweetie is waiting for me…
    makes me want to start up my own small, ethical business!

    Also: “On a good day I can order directly from the receptionist, who is, as usual, the only person in the whole God-forsaken operation who knows jack shit.”

    as a former receptionist at just such a screwed-up/evil place as Ambassador, I love that.

    Rock on Lagusta!

  2. lagusta

    ha ha! thanks! I was a receptionist for a little while too, YIKES, what a world it is…


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