fitter, happier, more productive: movies to watch, a quiz to take

Two (fairly) recent movies completely blew my mind, so I thought I’d put in a little plug for them:

Have you seen The Corporation? A movie explaining the extent to which corporations completely own us and how things got to this miserable point sounds dreadfully boring, but I promise you that it is not. I also promise that it will completely change your life. Add it to your queue right now! And if you don’t Netflix (I love Netflix so much that I unapologetically use it as a verb), might I ask why not? They are a good liberal company that has been distributing movies under their Red Envelope moniker that wouldn’t have ordinarily reached any one at all.

I’m so happy not to have to go to the right wingy and censoring Blockbuster. It really sounds like I’m somehow employed by Netflix, and I am reminding myself of a certain recent New Yorker short story I will mention in an upcoming post, but I truly just adore Netflix. (If you know any bad dirt on my friend ‘Flix, do not tell me about it).

I expected that I already knew everything that This Film Is Not Yet Rated would tell me, but actually it blew me away in such a hardcore fashion that I watched it three times in a row (part of that was because I was chopping vegetables at the time, but still). Far from being merely about the film industry, this would be an excellent What’s Wrong With America 101 for a neophyte liberal looking to expand her consciousness.

Also – after reading this scary article, I happened to stumble across this quiz that takes a stab at accessing the body’s exposure to environmental chemicals. Pretty interesting. My overall score is 194/794, which is pretty low, but in truth I think it should be lower because all the cleansers and personal care products that I had to admit to using are all natural and not packed with anti-perspirants or sodium laureth sulfate or anything.

And just a note about sodium laureth sulfate – all my shampoo bottles proudly say “no SLS!” – even though well-respected sites and people like snopes and Andrew Weil say that it’s totes safe. But if I can not use a harsh chemical cleanser on my head – even one that some people and government agencies say is safe – I’m not going to use it.

Well-respected people and (especially) government agencies are constantly being proven wrong (or of intentionally lying to us), so why take chances? That’s my health philosophy. It’s not much more difficult to not own a microwave, hair dryer, spray chemical room spray, limit the amount of plastic in my life, etc, so why shouldn’t I try to do what I can, when it seems pretty obvious to all that everyday actions like microwaving coffee with plastic wrap over the top do increase our changes of something weird and horrifying happening to our bodies?

I’m completely boggled by people who have so much faith in their government and the corporations to whom they have pledged their blind allegiance that they refuse to make even the tiniest changes to their living style to err on the side of prevention. Completely boggled.

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