feminist radio, yo (also: fun vegan infighting!)

Feminists on the beach are still angry feminists, don’t you forget it!

I taped a hilarious and utterly awesome radio show with Jackie from The F-Files the other day. It was hilarious because I got all excited because Jackie and her co-host Deric Shannon were asking such great questions and I had so much to say that my voice got all high and practically hysterical. It was awesome because I got all excited because Jackie and her co-host Deric Shannon were asking such great questions and I got to talk about all the big issues – feminism, veganism, food politics, capitalism, yeah!

The F-Files is a fantastic feminist radio show from WNHU in New Haven, CT. I’m so proud to be in the company of other past guests like Noam Chomsky, Catharine MacKinnon, Sheila Jeffreys, Doloris Huerta, and more. I’m not sure when my show will air, but in the meantime there are lots of archived shows to listen to. (Click on “shows,” then “archives,” and scroll down).

Speaking of les féministes et les végétaliennes, thanks to the three of you (!) who forwarded me this rather mind-blowing article! WTF, peeps? Did we accidentally turn over a book in the library that led us through a tunnel, down a rabbit hole, and into a mysterious universe in which The Gray Lady sees fit to discuss infighting vegans?

Obviously I’m one of those annoying prudish vegans who “deplore the carrot” of vegan strip clubs and I find it horrifying that PETA’s newest ridiculousness, “ink not mink,” is being aimed at little kids through their PETA2 website and I don’t understand why “the issue of sexism in vegan circles is ‘extremely polarizing,’” and…and and and. And I just long for the good old days when vegans were always on your side when it came to feminism and other standard lefty issues, the days before third waves and postmodernism got into some of our brains and started fucking with good old feministy vegans.

Sigh. But my pal Carol Adams was quoted in the article, sounding brilliant as always.

Oh, one more thing: as is well known, I FUCKING LOATHE THOSE FUCKING SKINNY BITCHES (sorry, is there any way to talk about them without screaming? I just don’t think so) and as usual, their quote is just horrifying: “It’s not politically correct to suggest women should be thin,” she [professional idiot Rory Freedman] said. “But it is healthier.”

Oh, fuck you.

Who truly believes that all skinny people are healthy and all nonskinny people are unhealthy? I can’t even go into it. All I can say is FUCK YOU. Just: fuck you you fucking idiot.
Why does it hurt me so much when people who share some of my values are idiots? I expect non-vegans to act like assholes. When vegans do it it always twists the knife so incredibly painfully.

God. I have to go eat some candy and calm down.

Oh wait, I forgot one more thing: can we just put to rest, once and for all, the utterly idiotic idea that Suicide Girls is “redefining beauty”? Yes, very few of the SG are slightly zaftig, maybe 1% more than your average porny site. But mostly skinny white girls with tats shaking their pale asses at cameras (OK, not shaking their asses, mostly just lying there as if dead) aren’t shaking things up in the culture at large in any meaningful way – faux edginess used to appeal to a slightly more educated/”alternative” porno consumer is the oldest trick in the oldest book in the universe, and it’s just fucking stupid.

The name of the site is Suicide Girls. Have we forgotten that? That is: girls that are so utterly fucked over by patriarchy, capitalism, lead paint in their bedrooms, who knows what, that they are ready to die. The very fact of their fucked up mental state is what is being used to sell their bodies.

I guess right now I need to have some idiotic disclaimer about how I’m fine with whatever two consenting adults want to do with each other and blah blah, but that’s just so annoying. It’s pathetic that people STILL think that those of us who believe that the pornography industry chews up women and spits them out like, yes, pieces of meat, are somehow against good old-fashioned fucking with their chosen partners in their chosen bedrooms.

Grr, thinking about all this really harshed my sweet mellow about the radio show. I’m off to eat candy and hopefully get my excitement about life back.

(Feministing has, as usual, a good take on this.)

3 Responses to “feminist radio, yo (also: fun vegan infighting!)”

  1. vegansofcolor

    Ohhhh… I am so w/you on the Skinny Bitch thing. AUGH. It disgusts me how many vegans jump to defend that shit — like, yay, bringing veg*nism to the Sex & the City crowd! Along w/eating disorders & promises they can’t keep (ie. veganism will make you skinny) & a whole slew of other things. I hate that when people object to this book, it’s often condescendingly implied that they’re just too wussy to take the “bad language” these women use. I don’t give a SHIT about their fucking language! & the book is still fucked up!!!


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