crossroads = cross bones style

Mushroom forays: just one of the ten zillion awesome things about open space that will be destroyed because of a giant 57-acre useless crap development project coming your way ASAP.

Dear everyone I know in New Paltz, NY:

Have you heard about the Crossroads monstrosity? I am completely absolutely 100% not exaggerating when I say that the more I learn about it the more I truly believe that it will kill all that we love about New Paltz – trees, open space and animal habitats, small businesses, decent-looking buildings that don’t make us start singing that “ticky-tacky houses” song under our breath to control our rage at what endgame capitalism hath wrought.

If this hell project goes ahead, when you come off the Thruway exit you will be greeted with a 57-acre puke festival of chain restaurants, a giant hotel, crappy apartments (I pity the people living there who are sentenced to breathing Thruway air all the time!), and horrid mall stores. Truly, cross bones style.

I won’t let this happen to our lovely little town – are you with me?

Much love,
More info on Crossroads:

The Crossroads at New Paltz is a development proposal in the Town of New Paltz sited off of Paradies Lane, on the site where Walmart was proposed more than a decade ago [That idea was throughly trounced, and we have the book to prove it] . This mixed use project on 57.25 acres will include 103,340 square feet of retail and office, a 120-room hotel, a 10,000-square-foot restaurant, and 250 residences. The complete Draft Environmental Impact Statement was made available to the public on June 4, 2008. The public hearing is scheduled for Monday June 23, 2008 @ 7:30 PM in Town Hall. The Town Planning Board is the Lead Agency for the SEQR review.

The project does not conform to any of the underlying zoning. Late last year, the Town Board modified their Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zoning, which enabled The Crossroads to apply for a PUD. The current zoning is highway business and light industrial. The development footprint is 25 acres.

Thus there are 2 weeks to review and prepare comments prior to the public hearing. The document is available online from where you can scroll down on the home page until you find the link to the DEIS. It is multiple volumes and hundreds of pages.

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