my playground

Shameless fun alert! For no reason at all except my own excitement, here are photos of my new commercial kitchen in Rosendale, New York, exactly 10 miles from my house. (Because my holier-than-thou status is seriously in danger with a 20-mile commute per day, I am saving for an electric scooter – look at this cool vintage-looking one!)

After cooking in cramped, inadequate spaces for years by myself and working in horrible, dudey, often filthy restaurant kitchens for years before that, having my own clean and well lit space is incredibly luxurious. Ignoring all the standard restaurant kitchen rules (the first of which seems to be “ugliness is key to productivity”) and organizing according to how I cook and what kind of space I want to spend many hours a day in has been great fun.

Not pictured: back storage space (nothin’ special) and freezers, the bathroom, the other bathroom (neither very pretty), and the compost bins out back.

(Sorry for the amazingly ugly way these pictures are arranged. I completely screwed this post up – I’m a cook, not a professional blogger! Click on the thumbnails to see the bigger pix, then click on the pictures again to see the whole thing.)

6 Responses to “my playground”

  1. Veronica

    Hi Lagusta! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and just wanted to let you know I’m a big fan.
    Good luck with your new kitchen, it is pure awesomeness!
    I love Rosendale something awful, I think it’ll be perfect for you…..

  2. ruby

    Ten miles each way? That sounds like something you could easily and pleasantly cover on a bicycle. They are quieter than scooters, more fun, will put you in better mood and give you pretty, pretty legs et cetera…

  3. Maggie

    very awesome!! I’m very excited for you and your new kitchen! =)

  4. lagusta

    thanks maggie!! Ruby – at first I thought I would ride my bike, but friends who know my bike (a 60 year old fixed-gear Schwinn cruiser), my reluctance to buy another bike (i can’t cheat on my Schwinnie!) and the roads have estimated my one -way commute via bike to be about an hour. Considering that I work 12-15 hour days and often come home in the wee hours of the night, I don’t think the bike will work for a daily commute option, sadly, which i admit is due to the exausting nature of my job rather than true impossibility of bike commute. But!! The scooter I’m looking at is electric – super quiet, and relatively eco-friendly. If I could afford solar panels for my house, it would be perfect, but that’s in the future…

  5. Jessica

    i have to admit i am totally jealous of your new kitchen. what heaven!


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