help name the new Lagusta’s Luscious chocolates!

Not what the new candies will look like.

OK, this is top secret so don’t tell anyone, BUT: This fall I’m going to be rolling out a line of new Lagusta’s Luscious chocolates. They are going to be incredibly rad. Recipes and packaging are coming along, but I am having lots of trouble coming up with good names. Help!

The names need to be clever, but not cutsey or silly (or stupid). For example: “mint meltaways” sounds a lot better than “hydrogenated artificial mint flavored goo inside a crappy chocolate shell.” I would steal mint meltaways if I could, even though “homegrown mint-infused coconut milk and sugar inside a thin dark chocolate shell” also sounds good, albeit long. Anyway, I would like the names to be accurate and descriptive, but also evocative and exciting, and I’m coming up blank.

If I decide to go with your name, of course I will send you a free box of those chocolates – actually, let’s make it two!
Here are the plain-Jane names, with suggestions from friends so far:

Chocolate peanut butter cups

Peppermint patties with homegrown chocolate mint

Chocolate coconut cream pyramids (kind of like almond joy, in a pyramid shape)

Suggestion: Coco Ramses – I love it, but is it too smart?

Chocolate lavender creams (a cashew cream thing with a chocolate shell)

Chocolate ginger creams (ditto)

Suggestion: Ginger’s Island

Ancho chili, Mexican cinnamon and Hawaiian vanilla bean-infused chocolate somethings – they are going to be this shape:

I can’t figure out what exactly this shape would be called. A flat iron building on its side? Help! These are going to be made with half Hawaiian chocolate – very pricey and cool.

Suggestion: Shaka Mexicana. I LOVE this name (thanks Matt and Liz!) and think it’s perfect, but send along any others you have too, just in case…

And one x-rated chocolate: chocolate vulvas with pink peppercorns and Himalayan pink sea salt. They are good!! I’m making them to combat the insane amount of penis-shaped chocolate out there.

Suggestion: Sweet Spot

Your ideas?

7 Responses to “help name the new Lagusta’s Luscious chocolates!”

  1. Ilene

    Yay for expansion of your righteous chocolate empire! All hail Fair Trade vegan yumminess.

    I’m afraid “Coco Ramses” sounds like coconut flavored condoms to me. How about “Pyramids of Joy” (a la Almond Joy)?

    For that long spicy one, I suggest “Mexicana Oblongata.”

    I think “chocolate ginger cream” and “chocolate lavender cream” sound perfectly descriptive and mouth-watering on their own, but if you must do something clever, perhaps “ginger bite me’s” and “lavender loves.” The latter is a really common name for all things lavender, gay, etc, but who cares. It’s your chocolate.

    For the peppermint & peanut butter, I am at a loss. “Peppermint Phatty” has already been taken. There is nothing else. For the pb, “Cup of Wonder” is a reference to a Jethro Tull song that only 358 people in the entire world would get, and anyway it refers to wine. Still, “Peanut Butter Wonder Cups” has a ring to it. Sounds kind of like childhood, and also makes me think of bras.

    Which brings us to the yoni chocolate. Fabulous idea. Great name. No further comment. (Though perhaps we could consider cross-branding…)

    Incidentally, if I happen to win anything containing coconut, can we work a deal? You know how I feel about coconut :)

    Rock on.

  2. zp

    All I’ve got is (New) York Peppermint Patty. Like York Peppermint Patty, but new. And from upstate New York.

    And maybe the Nutty Herbivore for the lavender-cashew cream?

    I love Ginger’s Island & Sweet Spot and I have to tell you, I don’t get Coco Ramses . . .

    Are you considering something like those old Whitman’s Sampler/Jelly Belly style “maps” to the different flavors? I think it ups the pleasure.

  3. lagusta

    Oh, how much I want to do one of those old timey flavor map things. I’ve never been able to quite work it out for some reason. Fiddling with one more piece of paper in the truffle boxes will, I fear, put me over the edge because I already have all the labels to put on and box folding and blah blah. So I am thinking the new chocolates might actually go in bags (biodegradable ones! but cute! not what you’re picturing!).

    Anyway, thank you all for the lovely thoughts and suggestions! More info to come…

  4. Jennifer

    Ooh what fun! I love the sneak preview of new flavors. I am hungry already. Here are my suggestions:
    “Peanut Butter Smoothies” – Because there is nothing smoother than peanut butter and chocolate!
    “Mint Milks” – Sounds very creamy. Maybe too creamy since my hard-core husband thinks the name indicates non-vegan. Since he has criticized my name I have told him I will not give him any of my truffles, should I win some. A genius excuse to keep them all for me.
    “Coco Tut” – Coconut…King Tut…you get it.
    “Lavendews” – lavender + cashew, AND “dew” conjurs images of fresh, succulent drops.
    Love “Ginger’s Island”. No suggestions here.
    Love “Sweet Spot” too, but also came up with “de Flowers”.
    Can’t wait to try them all!!


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