crap news bits/girly bits

Get off the internet, go outside! Summer nights like this will not last!

First the crap:

  • Flat screen TVs are insanely worse for the environment than anyone (well maybe just me, but I hated them anyway, so whatever) had expected, says The Guardian. (Thanks to Rachel for the link)
  • And: the name says it all: shopping camp. Yes, it is a “camp,” in a mall, for kids. (Thanks to Aaron for the link)

Now the fun:

  • Sodafine is having a sale. It’s not that I know the Sodafine peeps or that I’m such a capitalist that I love people spending money, but I love small businesses so much that I will use any opportunity to promote them, and plus, unlike the “hmm, you can really tell this stuff is homemade” quality that some crafty small business sites have, you can tell that Sodafine sells quality shit. Sodafine is one of those Brooklyny (well, not just Brooklyn-y, they are actually in Brooklyn, but since Brooklyn these days denotes more of a certain style rather than a geographical location, it’s important to distinguish) shops selling lovely clothes, often handmade and often made from organic materials and/or sustainable, reused, vintage, etc materials. In other words: pricey. Most of their stuff is too girly for me, but a lot is just perfect. I’ve been coveting a pair of organic Loomstate jeans for forever, but it’s just not in the cards for me right now (and when it is in the cards, I always buy vintage chocolate molds or something instead because I have some disease – I think I got it from Peter Singer – where I can’t bring myself to spend serious money on clothes.). If you, unlike me, have a 25″ waist, you can get a deeply discounted pair of high-waisted lovely Loomstates. You can’t get a laptop case made from orange organic cotton, though, because I just snapped up that little lovely.
  • Also: In my May 2008 New Yorker Whiteboy Watch I mentioned that the “spots” (poor, poor, non NYer readers – what are spots? Spots are these weird little doodles in the margins and open space of the magazine.) had never, to my knowledge (and thus never, since my knowledge is vast and deep) been done by a woman until the May 12 issue, when a certain Mariëtte Strik did them, although I couldn’t completely confirm that Mariëtte Strik was a woman. Lovely Mariëtte wrote to me and said that she is, indeed a woman, as well as a “vegetarian and a lover of sweets”!! She even sent along a charming illustration of a cake! Awww. If I shipped truffles to the Netherlands, I would ship her some.
  • Speaking of chocolates, I had the extremely satisfying experience tonight of being able to tell someone I can’t stand that I couldn’t do something stupid with him tomorrow because I would be busy making chocolate vulvas. Nice.

Not a chocolate vulva

3 Responses to “crap news bits/girly bits”

  1. danielle

    OMG my Mom lives about 5 minutes from that hideous effing mall that is doing the ‘Shopping Camp’, and for a while, I lived there with her (actually, when I was in college I worked at a hideous store there, won’t say which but it was pure hell yet good b/c I didn’t have to drive far.). It’s REVOLTING. And when my mom moved to Louisville in 2000 guess what? “The Summit” didn’t even exist yet! The area was still farms and meadows on a corridor leading out to even more farms and meadows. Then they added a Ford plant, then that monstrosity. Now it’s an atrocious hellpit of McMansion developments, churches, gas stations and chain restaurants. And since it’s a “destination” mall way out of the city limits, people drive from all over in their heinous SUVs to spend money on their sweatshop goods. Needless to say I WILL NEVER live anywhere near the state of KY again as long as there’s breath in my body.
    Good luck with the good fight against the Crossroads!!!

  2. Rachel Rabbit

    You make me so happy. Is that bad to say to a stranger online? I e-mailed you once long ago with the same sentiment. But you do. I long for a chance to use chocolate vulvas as an out for an unpleasant encounter. You are such an inspiration in a million little ways.

  3. lagusta

    Danielle – oh my god. I had a feeling KY was exactly as you have described. OY!

    Rachel – Awww! Thanks so much!

    Man, what rad commenters I have around here…


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