Crossroads update

We like small houses here in New Paltz

For the two of you waiting with baited breath to know my thoughts on the newest hell-development to threaten my cute-as-hell little town, here’s a little update.

First of all, a really wonderful group has sprung up called Stop Crossroads. Check them out and get involved!

I completely hate both the current incarnation of the project and the very idea of a giant development anywhere. However, based on the research I’ve done and talks with people on the Town Planning Board, I am coming to believe that if the Planning Board rejects the project – which I think they are likely to do and should do, since they are elected officials and pretty much everyone in town is against the project – the developer and the property owners might take the town to court. If this happens, I fear that the town will lose and we will be stuck with something worse (like the original proposal from 2 years ago which was much more huge, spread-out, and generally terrifying).

So, with the understanding that:

-we live in a capitalist system where the all-mighty market is favored over the good of a community,

and  that

-property owners have certain seemingly God-given rights,

something might get built there whether we like it or not. Thus, the New Paltz Green Party has developed the following “demands” of the project if it is to proceed:

“The New Paltz Greens respectfully demand that in order for the Crossroads at New Paltz project to go forward, the following requirements are to be met so that the project becomes a model of smart, sustainable growth:
1) Green building materials are to be used exclusively.
2) Only local small businesses and small regional chains will occupy the retail space.

3) All energy needed will be supplied by sustainable sources – wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, etc.

4)There will be adequate pedestrian connectivity to the village of New Paltz.

5) Well-paying jobs will be available so that those working at Crossroads may also live there.”

Of course, these are not all that likely to be completely adhered to, but even if they are weakened a bit at least the development will be better than it was going to have been.

One more reason to be against Crossroads: black raspberries (black caps) and blackberries. The site is lousy with them, and if it wasn’t on private property I would have gone to pick some recently and they would have been delicious. I bet.

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