vindication! Democrats’ weasely undemocratic ways exposed

Oh I am so shocked. Thanks to Ralph Nader’s lawsuit against the DNC, the truth comes out: twelve Democratic staffers responsible for spending your money in 2004 to keep Ralph Nader/Peter Camejo off of 22 state ballots were indicted yesterday and may be looking at prison time.

Now, I’m not in favor of the prison-industrial complex so how about sending those fuckers to my local Green Party to lick envelopes and paint signs and petition in front of supermarkets and moderate email listserves and deal with crazies and set up PayPal website buttons for a few years?

Check it out, and don’t miss the awesome mug shots.

Here’s another article.

A snippet:

“The grand jury found that as many as 50 Democratic House Caucus staff members participated in the Nader petition challenge and contributed a staggering number of man-hours. A House Democratic employee testified before the grand jury that “everybody was working on this.” It was virtually a caucus wide endeavor and many of the employees spent an entire week on the Nader petition challenge.
Upon the successful challenge to the Nader petition, Veon sent an e-mail to his staff stating:
“FYI .great job by our staff! This would have never been successful without your work. You have given John Kerry an even better opportunity to win this of the 5 most important states to win this year.”
“This is a very significant fact and significant contribution by each one of you to the Kerry for president should take great pride in your efforts.”

I’m prouder than ever to say that I’ve never been a Democrat. Go Green, mofos!

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