OK, I have some things to say that I’m not going to say, do you feel me? Because you just can’t talk smack about, say, the fact that people don’t always fulfill their end of a barter (after months! months, people!), online. It’s just not polite, and even though a huge part of you wants to just say it, especially because you’ve been so nice on the blog lately and some classic grumpiness would balance things out.

I’m not going to say it.

I love small businesses so much, but let’s face it: sometimes small businesses are sketchy. You’ve got to get your shit together, small business owners! Seriously.

In order to vent without talking too much smack, I’m going to have a blank space here that will stand in for some trash talk about a small business owner of my acquaintance:





Ah. It feels so good to get it out of my system.

Flakiness just sets my teeth on edge, you know?

On a completely unrelated note, the new issue of Readymade has a pattern for a dress made by one of my FAVORITE DESIGNERS, Rebecca Turbow.

I love her clothes, but let me say this, Readymade: a pattern for a dress cannot start with “buy a dress that fits you well.” I do not write recipes for apple pie that start out: “Buy a tasty apple pie” then tell you to reshape the crust edge into a cute design. This is not allowed.

I’m a Readymaker through and through, so this really hurts. Readymade projects fill my house – the cork rug, the bike wheel rack,* lots more. But I did not mark one page – not one! – of the new Readymade. This has never happened before. It’s the fashion issue, and I like fashion! What’s up Readymade? The cover is so damn cute (except why is the woman smiling so crazily?), why is the inside so meh?

*Hey! I never wrote about the cool bike wheel racks, did I? They are a super sweet Readymade idea. I’ll do a post on them right now.

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