Monday miscellany: militant vegan Wednesday edition

Shameless friend-of-a-friend plug alert: Here’s a cute little essay from the New York Times, written by my rad pal Mary’s BFF, Joanna. Neato!

I just realized that in the past six months I sent over 3,000 emails. Is it normal for people who do not work in an office to send an average of 17 emails a day, every day, or do I have some sort of disease? A productivity disease, perhaps?

I really enjoyed this Vegan de Guadalupe zine (hooray for zines in 2008!) and bet you would too. It’s sold out, but maybe if you beg she will do a second printing?

Speaking of reading, I stayed up until 5 AM last night reading A Dangerous Woman: The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman. It wasn’t as technically well done as, say, Fun Home or Persepolis, but there is absolutely something to be said for the graphic biography format. I always assumed that any additional information I had on Red Emma would only increase my love for her, but I closed the book with a vast sadness and uneasiness. She accomplished a lot and has of course inspired generations, but her sympathy for violent methods of revolutionary action really bothered me, as did the last 15 or so years of her life, which seemed to be all about how the world she worked for was never to be. (Being a nonviolent anarchist, I tend to forget that the vast majority of the world only knows about the violent anarchist faction.) But it was a good read. And you get some juicy “if I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution” details on her complicated and wild not-so-private life.

Speaking of revolutionaries, the always right-on John Robbins (who I’ve been in love with since I was 14, yo, for serious) has a great article on Weston A. Price Foundation and the Nourishing Traditions crazies. The best part is the end:

“I regret to say that those running the Weston A. Price Foundation today seem to have their own agenda. They are proponents of the philosophy that in order to be healthy, people must eat large amounts of saturated fat from animal products. They insist that only with the regular consumption of lard, butter and other full-fat dairy products, and beef, can people derive the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Toward that end, the Foundation has widely publicized an article written by a former member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Stephen Byrnes, titled “The Myths of Vegetarianism.”

The article is harshly critical of vegetarian diets, and concludes with an “About the Author” section which states: “Stephen Byrnes… enjoys robust health on a diet that includes butter, cream, eggs, meat, whole milk, dairy products and offal.” In fact, Stephen Byrnes suffered a fatal stroke in June, 2004. According to reports of his death, he had yet to reach his 40th birthday.”


Full disclosure: I like that the Weston A. Price Foundation people have good things to say about fermented foods and coconut butter. I’m not at all above admitting that crazies can be right about some things.

Local folks: The New Paltz Green Party has some good events coming up, won’t you please go to some of them? Like that talk on septic systems? I’m going to go not only because I am the head of the group and don’t always go to the events and this is a very bad trait, but also because I have a septic system and should know more about it. Maybe you do too? Please go!

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