meat is(n’t?) murder (also: buy my pins!)

I’ve always had a fondness for the old school “meat is murder” slogan. It inspired my own “don’t eat death,” which I favor these days for its directness and and because I came up with it.  I just came across this blog post about MiM, however (I think I found it through Vegans of Color?). Wow – I had to read it, like, three times before I even understood what she was talking about – my brain is mad atrophied, yo. While I’m off picking blackberries and thinking about chocolate and taking pictures of cupcakes, it’s great that someone is using their noodle.

I finally get the point (“murder” refers to unlawful killing), and while I think it’s an interesting one and makes sense if you’re a super stickler, I’m not totally convinced.

However, speaking of meat, did you know that I sell a very cute set of three vegan propaganda pins? I mentioned it a while ago, but they are still hanging around, so I thought I’d bring it up again.

They are sold in a set of 3 different pins:
one 1.25″ “Don’t eat death” pin with a lovely drawing of a fish:

one 1″ “cows died for your sins” pin with a picture of a hamburger in the background (above).

one 1″ “don’t eat death” pin with a lovely drawing of a spoon and fork (those weird squiggly lines aren’t as visible on the pin as they are in this image!)

Each one is affixed to a page from a weird old book called “Races of England” that I thought deserved to be torn up, and comes in a jaunty plastic bag. The pins are only $3 for a set of 3 (plus $2 postage!)!

I only have a few more sets, so why don’t you buy some so I can sell out and have an excuse to make up some more? It’s fun. Click here to be taken to PayPal to buy them.

4 Responses to “meat is(n’t?) murder (also: buy my pins!)”

  1. Stop preaching -

    […] such as PETA can be: you don’t recruit people by calling them heartless and stupid polluters committing murder. At best, you’re preaching to the converted and generating negative publicity which will […]

  2. aletta

    i don’t why people say those who eat meat are murders, so if u get the chance reply

    • lagusta

      Well, it’s because if you didn’t eat that meat, that animal would still be alive. So, even though you didn’t kill the animal (in most cases) that animal died for you. Its blood is on your hands.


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