Monday Miscellany: overdosed on election coverage election

-My sous chef pal Veronica has a new blog all about thriftin’ and cookin’ and livin’ and droppin’ g’s (not really, THANK FUCKING GOD). It’s neat-o. Give it a bookmark, my friends.

-Speaking of cooking: the beet truffle has been tasted by a handful of good palates now, and everyone loves it, and it’s totally not too beety, and the coriander is a winner, and everyone has other ideas of how to make it even better, and everyone agrees that the color is frighteningly amazing. My fellow prisoners, this is an exciting time.

-A friend of a friend is opening up this restaurant in NYC soon, and it looks RAD!

-Speaking of NYC: someone finally did what every vegan dreams of doing: opened an ice cream shop!* If you go, let me know how it is! What’s with that you can “make any item RAW for $1.50 more”? Something about that seems a little weird, no? Do they have raw cones?? A raw magic wand? (Via Supervegan, among other places)

-After your milkshake, go see this Banksy exhibit. It looks wonderful/disturbing, just like good art should be. (Also via Supervegan!)

-Dear person who Googles “lagusta resistance is fertile” every single day: I love you and your resistance to bookmarking.

-Dear HuffPo: this is a ridiculously stupid article. WTF?

-Dear America: you’re full if idiots and you make me sick. If one more media outlet (mainstream or otherwise) “debunks” Obama’s supposed “Islamic roots” without talking about how being a Muslim isn’t a crime, I am literally going to throw up.

-Dear California: don’t fuck up, you hear me?

Oh, it’s all so insane out there in the world–stay strong, good resisters out there. Hold on tight. It will be over soon, and hopefully we will come out on the other side of it OK.



*My sweetheart and I just argued for a solid five very boisterous minutes about whether it should be “opened” or “opening.” My editor mom has forgotten about my blog (which is good, so I am free to whine about her behind her back–like, did I mention that she won’t come to visit me until after the election because she doesn’t want to be without TV? My god! I have websites and coffeehouses with newspapers, what more could you need?), so I am bereft of grammar help. Please advise!



Update: Ten minutes just passed and now we both totally see that it should be “opened” – what was wrong with us ten minutes ago? Too much Palin news, that’s what. It is melting our brains like so much ice cream!



Update: Said sweetheart just reported that opening a vegan ice cream shop isn’t, in fact, his dream. You live with someone for eleven years and then one day they come out with this, wow. I blame the election.

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