the closer the election gets, the more i think about chocolate

Here’s a bit of inside information for LL truffle-lovers: I’m going to be discontinuing the Boozy Box assortment soon, and will be replacing it with a new super special assortment that I believe you will adore (are beets involved? YES!). The boozy truffles (Coconut-Rum, Port-Walnut, Kahlúa, and Double Chocolate) are all really nice, but it gets ordered in much smaller quantities than the other assortments, and often people request not to get the alcoholic truffles when they buy the big mixed assortment box of 28 truffles.

With a limited amount of time on this planet and approximately one zillion truffle flavors I want to make, I don’t see why I should keep selling flavors that people don’t utterly adore, so bye bye boozy. But I am fascinated that people don’t order them, so if you’re one of those people (or have an idea about why others don’t like them), would you mind sharing your reasons? I figure it’s one of four reasons:

1) You’re in AA and they tell you to avoid even the tiniest amounts of alcohol. I respect that, but man, what’s with all the lushes who love my truffles?

2) You’re straight edge, or formerly straight edge but still try not to drink. If so, hooray for me for having so many straight edge customers!

3) You think they won’t taste good (and in that case I have to quibble with you, because they are really special and lovely) or you don’t like the taste of alcohol generally, or the flavor of coffee specifically and don’t want the Kahlúa truffle because it comes with a coffee bean on top (I don’t like coffee either, but that truffle converted me to Kahlúa, for sure). Or, you still don’t think Kahlúa is vegan even though I say right on the site that I wrote to the company and got their assurances that it is.

5) You’re not straight edge per se, but try to avoid supporting the companies that produce most of the alcohol commonly available for political reasons.

Other ideas?

Oh, and if you happen to adore the boozy box flavors, there is some consolation: the Port-Walnut is still available in the Nutty Box, and if you want 28 of the same flavor, you can order the Big Assortment Box and just write in the message box in PayPal that you want a discontinued flavor like Coconut-Rum or Kahlúa (or miso, wasabi, mint, anise, or any of the trillion other discontinued flavors you might long for). This little deal only works if you want an entire big box of just one flavor, please note!

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