What’s a lemon truffle to do? (A contest!)

Like me, but smaller!

No one believes me when I tell them this, so I’m telling the entire world and daring someone to prove me wrong:

No one in the world makes 1″ pale pink truffle cups or 1″ pale yellow truffle cups.

My lemon truffles, in their sad little white cups, are weeping, I tell you. They keep asking to be put in a yellow cup, like a proper lemon truffle should be. And the almond truffles, they would like a pale pink cup that reflects their faintly pink inner flesh. Why must the world deny these poor truffles their rightful clothing?

I consider myself a pretty good Googler, but I’ve been Googling and calling every candy packaging company in the country for a good 4 years now, and I am telling you the truth here, people: there is a worldwide pink and yellow candy cup shortage! What are Obama and McKinney’s stances on this most pressing issue, I wonder? A President who promised to end this shameful deficit of appropriate candy cups would have my vote, for sure.

If you can prove me wrong and find me a good source for cups, I will gladly send you FIVE BOXES OF FREE TRUFFLES, flavor assortments of your choice (8-truffle boxes). This is a $75 value!

The rules:

-I don’t want foil cups. I can find those. I use them, but I don’t love them.

-They have to be 1″ (I believe the truffle cup industry calls these #4 size).

They have to be in stock and available to order. I have found several sites that show them, but they have been out of stock for years.

-Don’t even try to play me by sending me links to Valentine’s Day heart cups!

-I know all about the tulip cups. They are cute, and yellow, but you and I both know they are not a truffle cup. They are too big, anyway.

-Don’t even suggest that I make my own unless you have an easy way all worked out that will take less than a minute to make a zillion!

I’ll even get you started with a few search terms to use: candy cups, truffle cups, candy packaging, baking cups.

Go forth and Google!

8 Responses to “What’s a lemon truffle to do? (A contest!)”

  1. lagusta

    OK, I love everything Fancy Flours sells, but for some reason they charge like 3x more than any other company. $7.00 for 200 cups? Every other company charges like $2.50 for that many. But theirs do look promising!

    And the others!!! It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I am going to contact them and Leah, you just might have 5 boxes of truffles coming to you! Oh I AM SO EXCITED!! YAY INTERNET!!

  2. lagusta

    Oh, the humanity!!!!
    Here’s what the JA Packaging people wrote in response to my query:

    “Sorry. We have been unable to get any colors from the manufacturer for about 6 years other than green or red.”

    But I bought the Fancy Flours ones, what the hell. The pattern does not look quite right (3/4″ I could probably work with), but if they end up working out I’ll let you know. Thanks for trying, Leah!


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