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Here’s the letter I wrote to the New Paltz Times:

I have been following the fascinatingly bizarre upcoming Town Board election with interest. As a member of a third party (the New Paltz Green Party) that runs write-in campaigns all the time, it’s wonderful that so many diverse candidates are forced to run write-in campaigns this time around. For once, people will be truly free to vote for who they believe in without the pressure of a party line. It is heartening to see so many people throw their hats into the ring. Hooray for democracy!

Though several intriguing candidates are running, I am going to be writing in Brittany Turner for Town Board. As regular readers of this paper know, Brittany’s knowledge of the political scene is wide, deep, and astonishingly clear-headed. I can’t think of anyone who would better represent this town than someone who has been following the political goings-on for years with brains and a good heart. I believe that Brittany would serve on the Town Board in the style of an old-fashioned public servant (as opposed to many of our local politicians–regardless of their party–whose puffed-up egos seem to be their first guides) and would truly engage the town in the decision-making process.

As well, Brittany is twenty-six years old and a renter — in a college town in which the median age is 22 years, this means a lot. In contrast to practically everyone on both the town and village boards who are homeowners far out of college, Brittany understands the unique needs of our unique town.

Brittany is in favor of studying Town and Village unification and opposed to Crossroads as it currently stands. She is currently the Coordinator of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation and a board member of Planned Parenthood of the Mid-Hudson Valley. Clearly, she is an experienced leader with a deep commitment to progressive values.

Remember to bring a sharpened pencil and an informed mind to the voting booth on November 4.

12 Responses to “write-in Brittany Turner for New Paltz Town Board”

  1. Rodgers Rop

    Lagusta, I love you, but why not Bob Hughes? He’s good on all the issues and Brittany could split the green/progressive vote allowing Logan to win…

  2. Rodgers Rop

    PS- I too support Cynthia, though I’m not a Green (nor a Dem), and I wish that y’all had flooded the NPTImes with letters supporting Cynthia to counter all the pro-Obama letters.
    Also, I know that Bob is Democrat but his positions should be acceptable to the Greens. I know that it’s nice to have a Green candidate on the ticket but I think in this case it is counter-productive.

  3. lagusta

    Heya RR,

    Here’s my thing: if you believe in Bob — by all accounts a totally awesome dude — you should vote for him. But since this is a 100% write-in election, it seems utterly ridiculous to some of us Greens that only Democrats are running, and that it’s such a 1-party town that even the REPUBLICANS are supporting the Democratic party pick (Logan). Is that a healthy democracy?

    I don’t play into the “split the vote/spoiler” game – it’s just not the way I roll. I believe in Brittany – she is the candidate that best represents my values. So I’m going to vote for her. And I think it’s awesome that more people are running – that, to me, is democracy. I don’t think that more people running can be counter-productive. I know others see it differently and will have math and charts and stats to back up their side, and that’s all good for them. What it comes down to for me is: Brittany represents me. Bob seems nice enough, but I’m not convinced he will get the job done when elected. I know Brittany will – she’s a pistol, for sure.

    Oh, and Cynthia. Yeah. The Greens didn’t do much for her locally, I’ll give you that. We’re too busy plotting for New Paltz domination! Why don’t you join us and help blanket the town with Green sentiments in the next election? : )

  4. Rodgers Rop

    Hey Lagusta,

    Thanks for responding. I promise this will be my last post-this is your blog, not mine (though I love to read it).
    I just wanted to clarify what I wrote earlier. I hate the old Democrat ‘blame the greens’ line whether applied to Ralph Nader in 2000 or in local elections like when Jason was elected. And I agree about how stale and ineffective and undemocratic the local Democratic domination is. I, and I think many other Green/Green sympathetic voters, am making voting for Bob because of his record of really strong positions on development issues. I trust him completely on Crossroads and do not trust Logan at all in what could end up being the swing vote. Bob is not part of the Toni/old Dem machine, if he was he wouldn’t be running against Jeff.
    I think Brittany is promising and I trust her infinitely more on Crossroads than I do Logan. However in this case I think the best thing would be for Greens/anti-Crossroads people/sympathetic Dems to close ranks against the Roper/Dener endorsed Logan. Perhaps in this elections parties are being overemphasized instead of recognizing positions and realities. It’s not too late to work together to make sure Crossroads is defeated-a Logan victory and subsequent approval of Crossroads is not in our/Greens interest.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work on everything else

  5. lagusta

    No worries, thanks for the blog compliments!
    You make totally valid points. I’m just not convinced enough of them to not vote my conscious. It’s silly that it’s all Democrats running — that’s the fundamental point for me. I don’t believe in playing politics, I believe in voting with my heart (this is why all candidates I back lose, I know that).

    I’m not sure that Bob will be as strong a voice as you think he will be, and sadly, I’m not sure anyone — even Brittany — is going to be able to prevent Crossroads (though I do think we have a good shot at making it better than it is now, and I hope I’m wrong and we can prevent it.).

    Logan has been against Crossroads quite publicly lately, though I agree that I’m not sure how much I can trust him on that.

    I believe Brittany has a great shot (we have incredible GOTV efforts going on, and a ridiculously organized campaign including some NP heavy hitters working super hard), and I don’t believe she’s a spoiler. I think she’s hope.

  6. Pete Wassell

    I honestly do not know the other candidates, but I must say that Brittany Turner is an exceptional human being. I met Brittany at recent legislative meetings in Dutchess County and it did not take me long to realize that this woman is articulate, caring, and knows the issues. She is intelligent, yet brings a common sense approach to her decisions and actions.

    While the political climate in New Paltz is somewhat unique, I believe that Brittany will bring a kind of fairness and equality that every community deserves. My worse criticism of Brittany is that she may be ahead of her time – she seems to have a deeper understanding of policy than many people – how refreshing would it be to have a board member like Brittany who is ahead of the curve?

    I felt compelled to write this post because Brittany is humble and modest; she is not the type to flaunt her range of knowledge. Yet, at the same time, anyone who spends a couple of minutes with Brittany can testify that she commands leadership and defends justice. Most importantly, Brittany will use her exceptional skills to work for the people of New Paltz. I support Brittany in any endeavor that she desires.

    Pete Wassell – Dutchess County Legislator

  7. lagusta

    Heya Cathy – I am going to delete your comment out of privacy and legal concerns (I don’t believe people’s private lives should be all over the internet), but to answer your point: have you never made a mistake in your life?

    Here’s the rest of your comment and my response:

    “Cathy Bowden Says: October 28, 2008 at 8:27 pm e

    Hi there Lagusta,

    I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago after moving to New Paltz about 3 years ago. Your writing is a breath of fresh air to your fellow feminists (and I would imagine vegans as well). I live in the village and usually support Green candidates and I always liked Brittany’s columns in the New Paltz Times. However I recently learned that Brittany intends to leave New Paltz in a year or so. This concerns me…I am torn because I would so much like to see a smart, younger woman on the board. What do you think about this? Would you consider running the next time around? Thanks again…CB”

    OK, first of all: thank you!

    Second: Brittany IS NOT MOVING. I just spoke with her, and I would encourage you to contact her as well (Facebook is a good way) for reassurance. She has said over and over and over that she is staying in NP when and if she is elected. So no worries on that score. :)

    Third: Thanks for your vote of confidence in me running, but I get too angry at people to run for office. Also, I am out of town for 6-8 weeks a year, and don’t think that makes for a good public servant. But I’m more than happy to work my ass off for any campaign I believe in!

  8. Terence

    Hey Lagusta,

    I don’t buy the “split the vote” argument either. However, I do have a problem with evaluating someone by their registration first and qualifications later. No reason not to vote for Brittany if she best mirrored your values, but not wanting to vote for Bob because he’s a Democrat is as bad as the mindless zombies who always vote for the guy on the Dem line.

    Partisan politics just don’t belong in local government. In the fantasy land where I am king, political parties don’t even appear on the on ballots, because we should be voting for PEOPLE.

    I hope Brittany does run a full campaign one day and win. I haven’t asked her about the rumor that she will be leaving the area in a year (which, if it was widely disseminated, would certainly have hurt her chances with anyone who plans to live here longer), but if that isn’t the case, I certainly think she could launch a great campaign for next year. If we could get districts in New Paltz, her victory would be all but assured!

  9. lagusta

    Heya Terence!

    Well, I do believe Brittany represents my values — for sure. And I believe that in part because she is a Green, and to me the GP is the party of values. This is, in part, why I could not STAND to have a racist like Bill Mulcahy in the party– he did not understand and/or believe in the values the party stands for, and this weakens the party and everything it stands for. The Green Party is not a “big tent” party– we have standards and values (our 10 key values) that we stand up for. So, it reasonable to assume that a Green candidate will represent your values if your values overlap considerably with those of the GP at large.

    Hey — I don’t understand your comment about districts in NP, I thought we already had districts? I know I vote in district 2…

  10. ropsAppomb

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