livin’ la vida west wing, aching for candy, counting down the hours

Three days until the madness stops, and I am holding my breath, surviving on West Wing DVDs and chocolate.

Number of times in the past two days I have used the West Wing-stolen phrase “the government should be an instrument of good in the world”: five.

Number of people who have referred me to this NYT article pointing out how, I guess, the West Wing is the reason BO and JMC are running: three.

Number of people I have had to tell that I am only up to season four of WW and please PLEASE do not talk to me about season six!!!: three. (Yes, I linked to that article without reading a word of it).

While we wait for it all of end (this political season, not The West Wing, whose end I can already tell is going to find me in a puddle of bittersweet tears), I’ve been working hard on new truffle flavors and the new chocolate line. My awesome colleague Allison of Allison’s Gourmet is also working hard: look at these insanely-rad-looking newish toffee and caramels she’s selling! I haven’t tasted them, but the ingredient list (coconut milk and oil, wooo for the coconut revolution!) and Allison’s mad skillz tell me that they are amazing. We once did a trade of my truffles for her lovely cookies and brownies, and I can see another trade in our future…

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