Winners and losers

Well, Brittany lost. I knew it was a long shot going into it, and I’m proud of our one week campaign. The town Democrats will hate us and the lefty Democrats will blame us for helping to get the middling Democrat elected instead of the lefty one, but I’m not in the business of helping Democrats win elections, so that doesn’t bother me.

This campaign was part of a great push for Greens to have a larger role in shaping the future of New Paltz, and that momentum will continue.

But, oh but: when I got Brittany’s text telling me she got trounced, I was sitting in a car driving to Boston, listening to NPR (wishing it was Democracy Now, for the zillionth time) and weeping, WEEPING I tell you, at the prospect of an African-American president named Barack Obama leading this country. Not at the prospect of this specific Barack Obama, you know what I mean, see previous posts, blah blah, I’m a proud Green, but as my globe-trotting sweetheart put it: “For the first time in eight years, I won’t have to say I’m from Canada when I’m abroad.”

Fuckin’ a. Four years ago we were driving home from doing election work in Pennsylvania and weeping for quite a different reason. It’s been such a terribly painful four years for us as a country.

I’m in the car, about to spend a day in Boston and a day in Northampton, those most American of cities. I’m going to take it easy tomorrow, maybe go to an art museum, watch the Conor Oberst show that is the reason I’m in town, and enjoy my country for the first time in eight long, long, LONG years.

Oh, speaking of Conor: I’ve never been more proud that my sweetheart works for him than tonight, when it looks like he single-handedly might get a nice electoral vote or two for Barack. His support seems to be helping his hometown, Omaha, Nebraska, go blue (and because Nebraska splits it’s electoral votes, it actually makes a difference!).

I typed this entire thing on my phone!!!!

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