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Hello, organic and fair-trade truffle lovers! Happy America!

Well, here it is, our newest baby: the Pink Box!

Oh my gosh, this is so exciting. Originally this was going to be the Hudson Valley Box and it was going to contain truffles made with local ingredients from our neighborhood, the Hudson Valley of New York. But once we paired our brand new local-beet truffle with our brand new local-apple truffle, we couldn’t resist adding our bestselling, beloved (albeit not particularly local) pomegranate truffle with a rose petal garnish to the box — and the Pink Box was born.

I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I think you’re going to adore it, just like we do. Here are the details on the new box:

    • 3 Fennel-Apple truffles: Freshly-ground fennel seeds are combined with fennel pollen (what’s fennel pollen?) and local apple brandy and rolled in pulverized organic apples grown by my friend, sweet farmer Billiam at Liberty View Farm.

    • 3 Coriander-Beet truffles: It’s not weird, I promise! A coriander-flavored interior is rolled in pulverized organic beets grown with care right down the road from our kitchen by my farmer pal Jessica.

    • 2 Pomegranate truffles: With rose petal garnish. A little tartness compliments the chocolate nicely – this one is a flavor bomb.

Click here to order The Pink Box!

Oh, and don’t forget about our new and improved ginger truffle!

She’s all grown up into Ms. Ginger-Lime with the addition of delicious lime oil and organic lime zest. Check her out in the Wild Box.

Yours in mind-blowing chocolate,


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