let’s trade!


So much to blog about, yet so many opportunities to pay off student loans and mortgages this holiday season! I guess I should be an adult and forgo the former in order to rock the latter, so it might be a little quiet on the blog for a while.

Since you’ll have nothing to read, do you want to do a trade? Here’s the deal, and I’m just going to tell it like it is, OK?

I’ve had a longstanding barter relationship with a pal of mine: website work in exchange for meals and truffles. It’s worked out fairly well. She’s a great designer, but is primarily an artist. And I’m OK with that, I understand the artistic temperament, I am deeply patient. And because I am so insanely organized I know to ask her way in advance for things because, you know, artists are so insanely slow with everything. But when someone tells someone in, oh, JUNE, that they need to have a bunch of website changes made by, oh SEPTEMBER, you would think that would give said artist enough time to summon the HTML muse and get cracking, right? Apparently not. Tonight I got a text message saying my beloved barterer was on her way to India for a month to get a yoga teacher certification, and she just couldn’t get to the website. And since I have a feeling yoga-teachers-to-be are discouraged from spending their downtime squinting at code, and because I am not willing to wait another month for my changes, the barter is officially over.

Thus it is with excitement that I am announcing that I am in the market for a new barter pal! I have excellent bartering references and will lavish food, chocolate, and any combination thereof on you in exchange for top-quality websitey skillz. I don’t need anything major done—though I have dreams and hopes and wishlists for my website that we could perhaps discuss later, but what I need now are just some basic fix-ups for things I’ve screwed up with my mediocre homegrown HTML skills.

I usually do a straight trade: you tell me what you charge per hour and I give you that much in food and/or chocolates. I generally hold to the rule that no cash should change hands with barters, so any shipping and/or delivery costs that I would charge my clients and customers  will be included in the trade. It would be best if you’re in the NYC or upstate NY area so you could get meal deliveries, but if you’re a giant chocolate lover and want to do the trade in exchange for a huge amount of truffles (and in January I will be rolling out a new chocolate line, don’t forget!) you can be anywhere in these here states of the union.

If you are interested, send me an email (lagusta at lagusta dot com) and be sure to include links to sites you’ve done. Not to be snobby, but only top-quality website-makers need apply! In an ideal world you would be a vegan lady who is super reliable, but really anyone who is not flaky would work out just great.

Forward freely!

3 Responses to “let’s trade!”

  1. Jerome Walton

    Hey Lagusta,

    That picture reminds me of how disappointed I was in Cynthia McKinney’s vote total. What happened? Are the national greens just really that disorganized/ineffective? What happened to the days of 2000, when it seemed like the start of a movement?

  2. lagusta

    Heya Jerome:

    In order:
    1) I don’t have a clue–for the time being, I’ve decided only to focus on local politics, and merely whine about national issues.
    2) Yes, that is my impression.
    3) A stolen election that falsely ruined our credibility by calling us “spoilers,” which subsequently drove a lot of good Greens insane, perhaps understandably but still very unfortunately. It seems to me that in 2000-2001 the country pretty much imploded and though this was just when a Green vision was most needed, it was also when the country went crazily far to the right, and now we’ve lost so much that even getting a not-horrible Democrat in power seems like a major victory. Maybe when we regain a little bit of sanity the mainstream left will begin to listen to the Greens again.

    Happily, I am perfectly happy to do my little Green bits in my little town without the benefit of a larger movement. What was that that Margaret Mead said again? ;)


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