magical internet, magical commenter, magic workweeks?


WOW! All my weird feelings about blogging are completely erased—blogging is magical! Commentariat Leah has totally done me a solid–she found the mystical, magical, and heretofore mythical pink and yellow truffle cups that I have been searching for for years! Yay!!!!!! Leah, your Googling skills are wide and deep, and I am in awe. The trick seems to have been searching under alternative search terms (“petite four [sic] cups”!) that had never occurred to me. Leah’s crazy skills led to an Amazon site selling the cups. I bought all that were available, and worried that they were discontinued cups available in limited amounts. When the cups came (perfect size, perfect color, PERFECTION!) they bore the name of a website I will not give to anyone even under severest torture. This beautiful website is selling the cups as if they are a regular product, albeit in pathetic 50-cup packs. I am in talks with them vis-à-vis quantity discounts/how many they have on hand/long-term availability, etc.


But I have a good stash for now, and it is with great pleasure that I can send Leah the promised five free truffle boxes! Leah, please email me (lagusta at with which boxes you’d like and I will send them out this week! (I am assuming you are a stranger Leah and not my former tenant Leah, or myself-using-my-Hebrew-name Leah, or my first grade b.f.f. [not really the last “f” though] Leah, but if you are any of these, let me know!)

In other work news, my busiest two weeks of the year are just gearing up, and I am full of energy and up for the mountain that is Thanksgiving meals and truffles. If I get a moment to catch my breath, I will show you some amazing pictures of a beet that just might give you nightmares—seriously! Watch for it!

In the meantime, though I constantly mock my slipshod hippie childhood, I sometimes can’t stop myself from believing in ultra-hippie concepts my parents instilled in me. Declaring one’s intentions to the universe in the hopes that the universe will respond is one of those bits of ridiculousness. Whenever we wanted something as kids we were directed to send out “vibes to the universe” in order to get it. It didn’t really work with things like bikes for Christmas/Hanukkah, but I have to admit that I like the idea of making your hopes and intentions public in order to scoot them a little closer to reality. I try to pretend my little notes to myself on my work chalkboard are just that, reminders to myself, but deep down I know I’m sending a message to the cosmos. Atheists can believe in the power of good vibes, right?


Let’s do it!

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